Thor Hlavorssen Fights Human Rights Abuses As A Classical Liberal

One of the major issues Thor Halvorssen has been looking for success is in bringing the oppression of some societies to the attention of the public using any means possible, but his political beliefs are something the Venezuelan born graduate of the University of Pennsylvania does not feel is important to his work.

Thor Halvorssen is quick to point out he feels he is a ‘classical liberal’, but also states politics provide him with little interest as he feels any political group can assist with putting an end to human rights violations around the world. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

According to Huffington Post, Thor Halvorssen is different to the vast majority of human rights activists in the world who have little to no first hand experience of the abuses suffered by people outside western Europe and North America.

The film producer has seen many members of his own family targeted for their political beliefs in his home country of venezuela, and angered many in the human rights community by publicizing the atrocities committed by left leaning governments in Cuba and Venezuela.

Unlike the vast organizations put together by many human rights groups the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen founded has remained limited to around 12 employees who the founder has never asked about their political beliefs.

Halvorssen remains dedicated to a policy of neutrality when it comes to politics, and feels each and every governments should be called to account for human rights abuses committed despite their political leanings.

At the Oslo Freedom Forum Thor Halvorssen co-founded the New York based activist often discusses the use of celebrities to push forward the issues of human rights abuses; Halvorssen states he is simply moving with the times and using the culture of the 21st century to make as many people aware of the issues in closed societies around the world as possible.

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    Lilyana Camden August 6, 2017

    Halvorssen has also traveled to countries such as Vietnam to interview political prisoners and been abused by government officials who do not like his activities. It is also going to be what reliable essays has proved for so much a long time and makes sense that way too.

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