The Stunning Progress of Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a non-profit organization that was launched to help low-income students gain the best education. The group is made up of elementary charter schools that not only educate students but also transform the society. Rocketship was opened a decade ago in a church based in California. The organization is the first to incorporate technology into learning. Personalized learning is another strategy that builds a strong bond between the teachers and the children. The teachers at Rocketship make an effort to learn and understand every kid’s particular needs.

Recently, Rocketship realized that personalized learning should begin at home and they try achieving it by getting closer to the parents as well. Engaging parents also help the students appreciate their education more. Rocketship involves the parents in different school activities including hiring teachers. A small group of parents is given the opportunity to interview teachers, and this assures the parents that only the best are teaching their children. The primary purpose of starting the school was to help the students at elementary level. With time the group came to learn that the hardest moment for any student is their middle school education. The transitioning is quite challenging, and currently, Rocketship developed plans to help out with the change.

At Rocketship, they believe in the community as a whole. The team offers an excellent education to the Rocketeers, but on top of that, they instill moral values in the kids’ lives. Virtues such as honesty, justice, kindness, empathy, humility and more are practiced at Rocketship to show the kids how to live with morals. The organization also offers support and education to children with special needs. During school activities, both groups of kids are put together to allow interaction. Such kind of communications creates empathy and helps the regular students learn how to live with people having special cases in the society.

Innovation is another significant ingredient in the success of Rocketship Education. The group values new learning and teaching methods. The teachers at Rocketship come from diverse backgrounds. The diversity helps the students relate well to people from different cultures and communities. Rocketship is assisting many students to achieve their dreams, and the group has unique methods of teaching that set them apart. Rocketship provides exceptional services.

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