The In-Depth World of Medicare Advantage Plans

Most individuals who have Medicare receive medical coverage from something that’s referred to as “Original Medicare.” There are some individuals, however, who make the decision to get their coverage from a special Medicare Advantage Plan. This type of plan is frequently referred to as being a Medicare private health plan. Medicare Advantage Plans work with the government. Examples of Medicare Advantage Plans that exist include Preferred Provider Organization, Health Maintenance Organization and Private Fee-For-Service plans. There are other plans beyond those as well.

People who sign up for Medicare Advantage Plans don’t lose their standard Medicare coverage in any way. Since they don’t lose this coverage, they’re required to cover their Part B premiums every month. People who possess Part A premiums are required to cover those monthly as well.

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Medicare Advantage Plans are all equipped with their own specific requirements, rules and guidelines. No two Medicare Advantage Plans operate in the same exact way. People who are interested in signing up for these plans should research specific options before making any important decisions about coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans, in short, are organized by private insurance firms. Although these plans are given out by private insurance agencies, they offer Medicare benefits.

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InnovaCare Health is a company that specializes in the world of healthcare management. The firm provides people with Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans alike. It also creates contemporary provider network models. The aim at InnovaCare Health is to give people all over North America access to modern, reliable and first-rate medical care no matter what. Patients are the top priority for the InnovaCare Health team.

The company is equipped with a strong and experienced leadership team. Rick Shinto M.D., M.B.A. serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president of InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides is another important figure on InnovaCare Health’s leadership team. She serves as the company’s Chief Administrative Officer. Kokkinides has been working in the health care universe for two decades plus now. Government programs are her area of strength. She’s equipped with a lot of experience and background that pertains to both Medicaid and Medicare. She’s a graduate of the Columbia University School of Public Health, New York University and Binghamton University. Other professionals who are part of InnovaCare Health’s leadership team are Chief Accounting Officer Michael J. Sortino, Chief Information Officer S. Bhasker, General Counsel Christopher Joyce, Chief Financial Officer Douglas Malton and Chief Actuary Officer Jonathan A. Meyers. The company’s board of directors includes both Joseph Mark and Daniel E. Straus.

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