The Highland Capital Management and Funds

The company, Highland Capital Management is an SEC-registered investing firm that consults clients together with their affiliates and has a net worth of 14.9 billion dollars under their control. They are a global solution in credit management and focus on strategizing credit borrowed by their clients. This credit can be, credit hedge funds, long-only funds, special situations private investments, separate accounts and distressed funds. They also give advice on managing collateral loan obligations.


With time they have found other sectors that they can concentrate on and maybe diversify their base. They have invested and paid attention on; public pension plans, charity foundations, high-net-worth people, government finance planning, funds of funds, advising corporations, financial institutions, and corporations.


The Highland Capital Management have other investments to offer; they look for emerging markets to invest in, equities and exploit natural resources from countries that are rich in oil for example. They have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas and have large offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo and New York.


The founders of the company also focus on MLPs having distinct sponsors who work together to come with productive investments with big returns. Their oil investments last year gave about half of their funds’ total return. Partners reinvested in their dividends and made sure that they maximized returns this year. Leaders say that they have done an excellent job in making profits and has sized down to a position that they think is safe to play in.


They are interested in the health sector in that they want to help individuals that are addicted to an opioid drug which has affected a lot of students and working class persons in the USA. They want to help in approval of new, less addictive pain relievers. They will, in turn, invest in alternative drugs that will make the company enormous profits at the same time helping the masses.


Dallas Foundation is a foundation that Highland partners with to ensure that exact non-profit causes are sought to help people in of their help. They serve as leaders, catalysts and a philanthropic organization giving back to society. They concentrate mainly in the city and county of Dallas.



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