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SENS Foundation research work supported by Jason Hope

The SENS Research Foundation is an organization that develops a cure for aging diseases by applying biotechnology solutions. SENS holds a conference every year to discuss emerging issues in the field of biotechnology. The attendees of the conference discuss how they can develop drugs that will combat negative effects of aging. Aging is associated with numerous diseases that affect human beings at a critical stage of their life. The conference is attended by many experts from all over the world. They give their opinions regarding various approaches which would lead to the development of drugs that cure old age diseases. Most of the ideas that are discussed in the conference relate to diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer and cellular damage.

SENS Research Foundation aims at growing the rejuvenation biotechnology industry that will facilitate the development of solutions for human needs. SENS Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization which is supported by well-wishers who believe in the programs that they run. Entrepreneur Jason hope is one of the biggest supporters of this group. He is an advocate of biotechnology solution for human problems. He hopes that SENS work will result in eradication of old age diseases.

In 2010, Jason Hope offered SENS $500,000 in donations. The funds have been used to develop laboratories for research as well as initiating new programs. Jason Hope saw the innovativeness of this group and believed that they could develop drugs to fight old age diseases. SENS was interested in a cure for degenerative diseases that weaken the human body and making it susceptible to diseases such as cancer. Jason Hope believes that the world would be a much better place if old age diseases were cured.

SENS Research Foundation has set precedence in the biotechnology industry by advocating for advanced research which will lead to a milestone in the treatment of human diseases. Cases of old age diseases are too many lately, and only research-oriented strategies can lead to the development of anti-aging drugs.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an expert on matters of technology. He has been researching about technological advancements and advising people on what to do to align their objectives in life with technology. Jason Hope is a holder of MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business.

Jason hope is also known for his expertise on the Internet of things technology. He has been advocating for people and businesses to prepare themselves for the Internet of Things which is a technology that will be disruptive in many ways.

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