Securus Technologies Committed to Prison Safety

When I began working as a guard in the state prison decades ago, my job responsibilities were much different than they are today. Back all those years ago, the prison had far less inmates and gang issues were not rampant in this facility yet. Today, in addition to a huge gang population, we see that the number of inmates in this facility has reached capacity. That means that my team of officers has to work three times as hard to maintain order, so we needed to being in some outside resources for help.


In addition to using scanners in places like our visitor center to remove contraband that could lead to violence, we have begun working with Securus Technologies to help reduce episodes of violence too. The company has been working to develop a monitoring system that scans calls made by prisoners on the jail phones. Rather than have a team of officers listening to those calls to isolate problems, now the LBS software can do a better job without officers being stuck in that room. The software scans every second of every call and then will send out any alerts if the inmates say anything that could lead to problems.


Securus Technologies has been leading the charge to clean up prison violence, and today we have a safer prison than we’ve had in several years. If inmates think they can talk to their families on the phone about sneaking in medications at the guest center, we take out the contraband before it gets to the inmates now. If inmates are planning fights with rival gangs, we get the tip off and we separate them accordingly. The software has given officers the opportunity to be in the position to get the tip, take proactive action, and reduce incidents that put anyone in harm’s way in this jail.


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