Securus and Other Inmate Communication Companies Agree to Keep their Industry on Track

Securus is a communications company that provides systems for law enforcement and for prisons. This company has been providing high quality inmate communications technology for years. Their service is very well appreciated among inmates, their families and prison officials.

I was reading up on information about video calls when I discovered that Securus was trying to keep their industry from ripping off customers. I really thought highly of this company when they did this because I know how important it is to be able to speak to family member who is locked away. I don’t want to pay a huge fee just to keep in touch with an incarcerated loved one.

To me, Securus is on their game. They are really helping the average inmate to have a decent time while behind bars. Let’s face it; prison is a tough thing to experience; and that experience can be even harder if you realize that some company is trying to rip your family and you.

I can really respect Securus’s effort to speak out against fraud and deceit within the industry as a whole. They want other companies to realize the importance of what they are doing and to make sure that they are serving inmates and their families with their communications services.

Read more about Securus on Linkedin.

I am glad that I discovered Securus. I want to try out this company’s technology for myself. I honestly believe that I will be get the best experience for me and my incarcerated relative with their communications services.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. Nelly Kelly January 18, 2017

    I was also amazed that other companies agreed to their terms. This company was really making a difference. I also realize that other people do not want to pay a huge fee as well. That alone could have gone a long way into making superior papers customer reviews become the largest in the industry.

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