NGP VAN is helping campaigns for Democrats and progressives

NGP VAN is helping campaigns for Democrats and progressives.

How campaigns are conducted in the United States has dramatically shifted strategies with the passing of time and also the invention and application of new forms of campaigns. Today, the success of a candidate in an election campaign depends on big data and the technology and the experts that back them. One of the most significant elections in the history of America is the Obama election into office in the year 2008 and his reelection in the year 2012. The campaign in the year 2008 clearly showed how the winds had shifted from political campaigns being a labor-intensive venture to a venture that has focused on technology for a candidate to identify and connect with their voters. Campaigns through electronic platforms have been enhanced due to the technological advancements regarding the internet and other gadgets related to it. The credit for the consecutive wins of the presidential election by Barack Obama in the year 2008 and 2012 are attributed to the relentless efforts of NGP VAN. NGP VAN was established in the year 1997 as the Voter Activation Network and has functioned to provide the Democrats with campaigns that demand a lot of technological involvement. The organization had proved to be one that delivers results following the 2012 elections when Barack Obama won the votes while his competitor Mitt Romney was met with technological difficulties on election day. The functionality of the web and other entities change from a day to day basis, and it is mandatory that NGP VAN stays ahead of the trending updates to stay ahead of their competition. NGP VAN has a team of experts dealing with technical, mechanical and analytical aspects of the web about campaigns and this has been among their magnets of success in election campaigns in the recent past. Also, NGP VAN has linked up with web startups to enhance the process of advocacy from the grassroots. Hustle is an excellent example of a startup website that integrated with NGP VAN, and this move will improve more data for Democrats and progressives meaning that personalized texts can be sent from Hustle using a list obtained from NGP VAN to reach out to voters. The software that has been designed by NGP VAN will go a long way in transforming the fate of those running for House and Senate in the year 2018.

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