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If you haven’t heard about the newest shades from Lime Crime then please make sure to check them out. Metallic is all the craze right now and this vegan and cruelty free company have delivered with their now new Metallic Matte Velvetine line for lips, and their SuperFoil Duo eye shadows. Fall isn’t only for dark colors, and you’ll definitely shine your way through the cold days ahead with either or both of these two lines. Lime Crime is for those who aren’t afraid to be bold and express themselves. You will find a variety of lines by them that will surely captivate you.

Their Velvetine line was all the rave when it first came out, but now that they’ve launched the Metallic Matte colors for the Velvetine line they are gaining more exposure, and positive reviews. Their newest shades are Happi, Posh, Lana, Mercury, Blondie, and Vibe. The founder and CEO, Doe Deere, recommends using a lip liner darker than the actual shade for more of a pop. There has been plenty of good reviews, one from says, “This lipstick is everything! I kissed my boyfriend 4 times and never had to re-apply. The color is the best part. The matted feel is awesome. It was as if I didn’t have any lipstick on. I have recently bought more of the brand.”

The SuperFoil Duo eye shadow by Lime Crime was launched back in June, but like it’s colors it hasn’t lost it’s luster. Crystal/Halo, Squad/Goals, Miami/Gator, and Lucid/Dream are the shades for this line. You can use them separately or together, either way eyes bold and shiny are sure to stop anyone in their tracks. Deere also schools us on how to get the best results from these dynamic duo shadows. Just pick up some product, spritz with a little water, and you’ll have sparkling and shiny eyes. Lime Crime products are available at a number of sources including their website at Make sure to stop by and make a statement.

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    Luna Blaise July 27, 2017

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