Las Vegas Families Helped By Goettl Air Conditioning

Las Vegas is primarily known for its hot vacation spots and fun casino attractions, but it can be a place for extremely cold weather in wintertime. One Las Vegas family, the Stephensons had to endure these extreme temperatures due to financial hardships that prevented them from repairing their heating and air conditioning system as well as their plumbing. But a local HVAC service company, Goettl Air Conditioning decided to reach into their own hearts and help the family out. So their repair technicians sacrificed their own paychecks to help cover the repair costs and fix the Stephenson’s heating, and as a result the family was given a warm house for Christmas. Goettl also had helped an elderly man with his air conditioner and plumbing earlier that summer.


Goettl Air Conditioning is one of Arizona and Nevada’s most skilled HVAC repair service companies and together with The Sunny Plumber, they form a team of around-the-clock repair specialists. The company began back in the 1930s when Adam and Gust Goettl started a company using their mechanical skills that would help commercial and residential customers keep their buildings cool in the desert heat. The company has passed through several generations of owners, and today is currently managed by CEO Ken Goodrich.


Goettl specializes in installation, maintenance and repair of AC units. Their technicians are experts at matching the right systems to the size and power capabilities of houses, and make sure they are not wasting any energy from constantly running or starting up and stopping all the time. Their service plans also cover duct work and changing filters to make sure all HVAC systems are running properly and will have a long life. Goettl’s technicians are always on call and will arrive even at odd hours of the night to make sure air conditioners are always running.

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