Keith Mann: Battling For The Good Cause

In today’s world, nothing is going to happen unless someone goes out there and makes something happen. That is truly the law of the land. Things do not fall into people’s laps and things do not happen by mistake. When it comes to the success of Keith Mann at Dynamics Search Partners, it has not been overnight. He has worked long hours, stayed up late, and he has put in all of the time to make it happen. As with anything in life, it is all about being prepared. The more prepared someone is for something, the better chance they have of having success in that particular field.


It is the same for the children that are attending school at the Uncommon School Districts. They have to work hard if they want to make something out of their lives. However, they have an inner drive in them. When someone has had to live in a rough situation or they have to deal with a lot of roadblocks in order to have success, it molds them, without a shadow of a doubt. These kids are wise beyond this years because they have seen a lot and experienced a lot in their young lives. In many cases, they have had to step up before they were ready.


That is why Keith Mann holds fundraisers for the Uncommon School Districts and this most recent one raised over twenty-two thousand dollars. He knows this is money they need and this is money that is going to impact them in ways they never thought possible. For these kids, they thought that going to a four-year college was only a pipe dream and it would never actually happen for them. However, now they are seeing there are good people out there that want to see them succeed and want to see them grow. They are battling for them because they believe in them. It is a powerful thing when someone believes in someone. Wonderful things can come out of that and it can really open a ton of doors for them in their futures. They will never forget this good deed and they will pay it forward.

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