IAP Establishes A Growth Strategy To Increase Market Share Through Acquisition Of New Businesses

IAP Worldwide Services has announced the acquisition of aviation and logistics business owned by DRS Technologies, Inc.’s and the network solutions business owned by Tactical Communication(TCNS). The core services provided by the former include aircraft maintenance, logistics and other support services, and the latter is specialized in engineering, communications and technology support to government agencies such as Department of Defense. The aim of IAP is to integrate the businesses in its core products and services as part of its long-term growth strategy.

According to IAP Worldwide Services CEO, Al Neffgen, IAP has a track record of meeting the needs of its clients especially in emergency and contingency needs of the U.S. military. IAP’s success can be linked to its talented employees who have shown tremendous experience and capability to handle any challenge, especially in hostile places and circumstances. One of the divisions of IAP is the Readiness Management Support (RMS) that played a significant to set up the Afghanistan’s air traffic control system to help the Operation Enduring Freedom.

RMS was contracted by the Air Force Contract Argumentation Program (AFCAP) to complete the project that necessitated a partnership with the U.S. Air Force to design new airways, install and maintain communications equipment for radio coverage on airways. RMS personnel have continued to work with Afghan civil employees to control the Kabul FIR. It is one of the most congested airspaces because of its location on the major air route between South East Asia and Europe.

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IAP boasts of having employees with unique skills, knowledge, and expertise that forms a cohesive whole. The employees exhibit a high level of commitment to the mission only comparable to the best companies in America. IAP is always seeking talented people passionate about working in a challenging environment and who desire to make a difference in the world. The company is made up of people who solve problems for others.

The recent acquisition of two business division is meant to increase capabilities that IAP Worldwide Services delivers to its customers and a strategy that will see the company double the size of its market share. The two business units will be integrated into one unit referred to as Aviation & Engineering Solutions. IAP intends to expand its client base from its primary customer (U.S. Department of Defense) to other agencies and International agencies. The growth strategy is in line with the company strategy established in 2016 based on lean operations, organic growth based on clients’ needs, and innovation in the services segment.

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