Hispanic Millennials Are Cautious Investors According To Investment Advisor Danilo Diaz-Granados

American millennials do not take many risks when it comes to investing money. No one knows that better than Danilo Diaz-Granados, an investment advisor in Miami. Granados grew up in Venezuela and moved to the United States to study economics at Boston’s Babson College. Granados could have gone to any city after he graduated with a degree in economics, but Miami was his first choice. He always wanted to work in Miami and the investment industry. When he was offered a job with Fireman Capital Partners as an associate investment advisor, he knew he was on his way.

More than 70 percent of the population of Miami is Hispanic, and a large percentage of that population is Hispanic millennials that have made money in IT ventures and other industries. Part of Granados job was to research the Hispanic market and find out what wealthy millennials do with their money. It turns out that more than 49 percent of wealthy millennials are cautious when it comes to investing. Granados also discovered that Hispanic Millennials are knowledgeable about investing and “well informed” about banking practices.

Once he completed his research, Granados was ready to develop a client base from the pool of wealthy Hispanics in Miami. It didn’t take Granados long to build a strong client base. His investment advice was excellent since Granados had an intimate understanding of the Hispanic millennial mentality. Danilo made enough money from commissions to start a film company that focused on Hispanic life in the United States. Edge of Glory Films was a natural move for Danilo. He was an avid film lover, and he took several courses on filmmaking while he was in college.

Granados also wanted to get into the retail business, so he started Toys for Boys. Toys for Boys is a company that offers Hispanic men a place to buy expensive items like cars, clothes, shoes and jewelry in one location.

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  1. Scott Rothman February 25, 2017

    The other interesting fact he discovered was, wealthy Hispanic millennials rely on the experts rather than their families and friends for advice. His goal was to help Hispanic millennials invest their money. There are some specifics that meant that custom essay would be used for everything that has to do with these things too.

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