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What is Kabbalah? Whether you just learned about Kabbalah or have been wondering about it for years, many people are curious about it. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that serves as a spiritual supplement to every (or no) religion. It is based on the Jewish faith but students need not have a background in Judaism to study Kabbalah. Translated as “to receive,” Kabbalah teaches its students about how the universe works and how to receive real fulfillment in their lives. Studying Kabbalah helps us make sense of our place in the world and work through the chaos that plagues many of our lives.

In order to achieve true happiness and fulfillment, Kabbalah teaches that we must leave our comfort zones. When we get out of our selfish “rut” and show kindness to all people, we will finally know life as the Creator meant it for us. When things are going wrong, Kabbalah gives you the tools to be your best self and create positive change in your life.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1984 by Phillip and Karen Berg. The Centre’s headquarters are now located in Los Angeles but there are over 50 branches around the world, including major locations in Toronto, London, and New York City. A number of celebrities have been associated with the Kabbalah Centre. Singer and actress Madonna is the most devoted celebrity student, as she has changed her lifestyle to fit Kabbalah’s teachings and she frequently studies with her own personal Kabbalah Centre rabbi.

There are so many ways to study with the Kabbalah Centre. If you live in a city with a branch nearby, check out the Centre’s many events and lectures. Enroll in courses and classes both in-person and online. More independent or advanced students can read the Centre’s many publications or visit their online museum to study ancient Kabbalistic texts. For more individual attention, sign up for the Kabbalah Centre’s mentor program or study one-on-one with a rabbi.

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    Adelina Alfredo December 18, 2017

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