Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses The Success Of Private-Public Partnerships

The need for private investment in the Brazilian government has been a major part of the drive to build a better community for many public officials who are looking to create successful programs for their region. Public infrastructure specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens has been examining the latest plans to bring private-public partnerships to the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro where the need for new childcare units is being addressed by Mayor Marcelo Crivella.

The planned private-public partnerships will result in an extra 60,000 spaces in new Infant Education Units with 20,000 kindergarten places and 40,000 preschool spots being created by 2020. Felipe Montoro Jens explains the tight level of financing often available for public projects can be difficult to manipulate to complete the ambitious plans of many politicians; Mayor Crivella has explained he will ensure the planned childcare places are completed by following the example set in 2012 by mining and industrial region, Bolo Horizonte. The childcare places created in Bolo Horizonte were developed through private-public partnerships which allowed the spaces in Infant Education UNits to be completed by the planned deadline.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes the success of the childcare project begun by Mayor Crivella has already leaped to a successful moment with the early decisions taken by Rio’s City Hall. The plan to follow the successful model established in Bolo Horizonte is one reason for celebration in the view of Felipe Montoro Jens alongside the decision to use the consultancy services of the International Finance Corporation. Among the reasons the International Finance Corporation has been so successful is the fact the company is part of the larger World Bank Group which has become a global leader in the development of private-public partnerships across the 21st-century.

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