Fabletics Expands Geographically

The strength of Fabletics is found in Kate Hudson. She is the one that is out front as the face of this company. She is making executive decisions and building a company that will be able to survive many years after she is gone from the spotlight. She has managed to do a great job so far, and people are excited about what she is planning to do next. They know that she is getting more involved into taking her company offline, but people really have to analyze the original concept of the online store in order to understand why her offline presence is important.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the other co-founders that are connected to Fabletics. These are men that have been successful in inventing different online platforms for women that need beauty products and clothes. JustFab is the online clothing store for women that these two are primarily known for. They have a history of creating successful brands with clothes that are affordable and stylish. The JustFab brand alone has been valued at more than a billion dollars. This is where the Fabletics model for business comes from. This is where the Fabletics subscription service is derived from. This is great for Kate Hudson because it allows her to compete in a way that other fitness gear companies for women may not be able to compete. In her efforts to compete with Amazon she has realized that this is a strength that Fabletics has. Amazon does not have any type of clothing subscription service in place, and this is what makes Fabletics unique.


The clothing industry is changing and Kate Hudson plans to be in place for the changes that are coming with the fitness industry. She is strategically working out plans to open more than 100 of the Fabletics stores in the next five years. This is a very lofty goal for someone that only started an online site 7 years ago. The thing that makes this possible is the growth rate in which her regular customers patronize Fabletics. The subscription services are taking off and it’s also plays a factor into the online success of this company.


Revenue has been amazing for this company, but Kate Hudson knows one thing. She is well aware that she can not continue to compete with Amazon without taking the business offline in a greater geographical dimension. She knows that opening new stores will provide her with a new way to build her business.


The growth rate for this business is amazing. It is a sure sign that Fabletics is what women have been looking for. It shows that this company has a lot of room to grow, and Kate Hudson is in place to do the work. She has put many of her movie roles on the back burner in order to get a chance to grow her company. This shows the dedication that she has in her efforts to compete with Amazon and other athleisure companies.

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