End Citizens United Supporting Democrat Conor Lamb to Upset His Rival Republican Counterpart

     The corruption in politics has been a long-standing problem, and in the United States, it is a problem that has been increasing with every passing year since 2010 when Supreme Court gave the verdict on Citizens United case. The judgment by Supreme Court gave the wealthy individuals as well as business entities to spend an unlimited amount of money on country’s elections. It meant that the money spent by the corporate companies and affluent people in business would make the election campaigns more elaborate, and would influence the vote bank of the politicians supported by these cash-rich entities. The election campaigns have become more of a process that showcases which companies and wealthy individuals are on which side of the political spectrum.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on elections, and the figure continues to increase with every passing election in the country. The interest of the general population of the country is being trampled upon with the favors being done to the huge companies and affluent individuals by the high ranking politicians. The Supreme Court judgment on Citizens United case is highly subjective, and many protests are being done over the years to overturn it. One of the PAC that has participated in the protest to overturn the campaign finance rules is End Citizens United. The ECU collects its funds from the grassroots donors, who are aware of what is going on in the country and wants to be the part of the change.

The End Citizens United wants to support the politicians and political candidates who are in favor of the overturning of campaign finance rules. One of the political candidates that End Citizens United has announced would be supporting the upcoming elections in March 2018 is Democrat Conor Lamb, who is representing the 18th Congressional District and is from Pennsylvania. As an ex-marine with an excellent track record in the public service sector, Conor Lamb is the perfect political candidate to take on the rival Republican Rick Saccone, who is supported by Super PACs wholly funded by the corporate industry.

Conor Lamb has announced that he would not take funding for his election campaign from the corporate companies, and would only accept donations made by the people. Even though the region he is representing has been a Republican stronghold for many years, Conor Lamb has been getting a lot of support from the locales in the area. It is expected that he may as well end up surprising his rival counterpart.

For more, please go to http://www.latimes.com/politics/essential/la-pol-ca-essential-politics-updates-four-california-republicans-targeted-by-1512523185-htmlstory.html.


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