Cotemar Mexico: For Expertise Maritime Services

Cotemar is a Mexican company that offers specialized services in the oil and gas industry. The company provides a variety of services including offshore oil fields development, marine support operations, construction and maintenance, transport and personnel, accommodation and catering, and supplies using specialized vessels.

With more than 37 years of experience in the petroleum industry, Cotemar prides in providing efficient solutions that are certified by the sector regulators. The firm aims to continuously broaden its service range in the oil and gas industry by embracing the integrated process control. The highly skilled workforce and high-performance business models ensure continuous improvement in Cotemar’s performance.


Accommodation and catering

Cotemar offers accommodation and catering services on the vessels and rigs operated by the firm. These services include nourishment, cleaning of common areas, laundry services, and cabin accommodation. The vessels provide cabins for two or four persons and include recreational areas, gyms, TV rooms, a basketball court, and cinemas.

To support offshore operations, Cotemar has established a hotel in Ciudad del Carmen that offers lodging services between crew changes. The facilities have an offshore accommodation capacity of over 4,000 people.

Cotemar’s catering services follow the highest levels of standards in quality and health control. That guarantees excellent service from food supplies, to transfer and preservation. The top notch cleaning methods also ensure high levels of hygiene within the vessels.

Specialized and maritime support vessels

Cotemar provides offshore maintenance services through its wide range of vessels with dynamic positioning systems. The vessels are operated via computer systems linked to the satellite (GPS) systems. The remote control of motors ensures that the vessel remains in a stationary position during the operation.

Dynamic positioning vessels integrated with saturation driving mechanisms provide options for inspection procedures and other processes like seabed processing line rehabilitation.

Cotemar´s specialized vessels also transport lightweight items and personnel within the Campeche Bay. These vessels provide the necessary link between Ciudad del Carmen and the offshore.

Specialized vessels and maritime services include:

– Tugs and barges for transporting large structures needed for the upstream
– Processing and transportation of oil products and liquids from the oil field
– Firefighting vessels used to avert oil spill fires and FIFI II
– Vessels for transportation of abrasive bulk materials like barite, sand, etc.

All Cotemar’s maritime operations meet the strict regulatory control and are ISO – ISM- ISPS certified.

Construction and Maintenance Engineering

The construction and maintenance services are provided using the dynamic positioning semi-submersible rig. The rig has the capacity to move from one complex to the next. Their high load capacity cranes make it easier to carry out construction on decks and storage areas.

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