CEO John Holt Participates in the Texas Bankers Association’s Panel Discussion

John Holt, who serves as the NexBank Capital’s CEO, was one of the top leaders who graced the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities Forum, hosted by Texas Bankers Association, and held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Holt led other participants in debating about Reinventing Community Banking. The attendees shared their ideas and perceptions on how innovation can promote growth in the world of banking.

The Conference provides an avenue for bank advisers and leaders to discuss and share perspectives on the primary opportunities and persistent problems that community bank dealers face on a regular basis. During the forum, the leaders explore the principal opportunities that M&A presents. They also explore the possibilities that branching and organic growth avails.

About NexBank Capital

NexBank Capital is a premier firm that has curved a top spot in the financial services sector. It consists of an investment and commercial bank. It obtained its charter back in 1922. Currently, it has assets valued at $3.5 billion. Its services target financial institutions, corporate clients, middle-market firms, multi-services companies, and real estate investors. NexBank’s branches offer mortgage banking, financial advisory services, commercial banking, as well as deposit services.

Banking solutions

NexBank leverages its long-term industry leadership and dedication to timely execution to deliver unparalleled value at each opportunity. It offers its clients unequalled access to sophisticated and personalized services delivered by highly trained and competent professionals.

1. Commercial banking

The company helps the client to meet their short and long-term goals by delivering a plethora of deposit services and lending products. Its experts assist customers in improving cash flow, managing liquidity, and developing complicated financing structures.

2. Investment banking

NexBank facilitates the growth of small and mid-sized businesses by raising capital, executing transactions, and offering M&A services.

3. Mortgage banking

The group provides a competitive package for wholesale, correspondent channels, and warehouse lines of credit (established mortgage brokers).

4. Depository services

Commercial businesses, mortgage services, and asset managers can benefit from NexBank’s customized depository services and unique accounts.

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