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Wengie Shares 12 Lazy Life Hacks


Wengie brings her fans a list of life hacks for those days you just want to be lazy. One minute mug meals are a quick meal idea. Wengie teaches you how to make Legume pizza and a one minute chocolate cake. Turn your chip bag into a bowl so that you won’t have to reach so far to get a chip. When you don’t want to dirty a spoon, or you don’t have one, you can make a spoon from yogurt lid. When you don’t want to deal with the hassle of an iron you can iron your collar with a hair straightener. Just don’t try this with delicate fabrics. Use your phone as a remote, so that you only have to keep up with one device for all your entertainment needs. You also won’t have to look for that lost remote again. Wrap your plates in plastic wrap, especially for foods that will be difficult to wash from the dish. Wear a hoodie backwards to use the hood as a hands free popcorn bowl. Now you can snack while using your phone. Ever wanted a drink while laying down? A sippy cup lets you have that drink with no mess. Holding your Ipad up to watch a show makes your arms tired, to solve this you can make an I pad holder anywhere with wall hooks that stick on. For those times that you need to make people think you are doing chores you can play a video of vacuum sounds, to make them think you are working. Also, to fake having done the dishes print a picture of the bottom of the sink and lay it over the dishes. The cleaning hacks won’t work for long, but they can buy you a little time.