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Advertising Media House- NewsWatch

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo has been of a great benefit to Avanca. Avanca used the Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for their new product Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC. The firm had planned to conduct a campaign which ran for 30 days and to realize their goal and have money to give to the company, Avanca sort to get NewsWatch advertisement services. NewsWatch took the task and created a segment on both their television show as well as their online channel which was aired for 30 days. After 30 days the results were evident as the company was able to exceed their goal by raising $ 456551 which is equivalent to about 2939% and 29 times more than what they had planned.

Avanca’s Marketing Director Nathaniel Van Wijkvliet was glad about what NewsWatch helped to achieve and according to him it was great working with NewsWatch and he highly recommends the media company. The Avanca segment on NewsWatch television reached a wide range of views who are marketers as well as households. According to a report more than 200 United States of America marketers and 96 million households received and watched the segment. On the NewsWatch online channels more than 1 million opinions.

NewsWatch is a media company which operates in the United States with their Head Offices located in Washington D.C. The media house can also be described as an award-winning media organization. The media group began airing in 1992 with their main focus being financial news. Within a short period, the group expanded their operations and even the news they aired. It focused on a broad range of issues including medical news, breaking government news, political news, traffic news, celebrity news, as well as public service’s announcement. NewsWatch has other operational offices located in Denver, New York as well as Fairfax, VA. Bridge Communication is the owner and also runs all NewsWatch operations.