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Securus Technologies exposes GTL’s misinformation

Anyone that knows Securus Technologies knows that it is a big player in the public safety technology and criminal justice industry. The company has worked with several other companies in the past. Recent information from PR newswire indicates that Securus CEO is going to release information about misconducts performed by GTL. The two companies have worked in the correctional facilities for some time now. GTL is responsible for inmate communication in a few correction facilities. The company has been in operation for the past 18 years. Recent news and information show that the company has engaged in multiple misconducts with regard to its communication services.


The company first released an inaccurate press release targeting the technology giant Securus Technologies. Securus has since defended itself with accurate facts concerning its licenses and patent by several organizations. I personally found it disheartening when a company goes to become dishonest. The dishonest conducts of GTL are multifold and are supposed to be exposed. Securus technologies is thankfully going to release information in the next couple months about GTL. I support Securus Technologies as it tries to make correct wrongdoings performed by several companies in the correction facilities.


Securus Technologies has always offered excellent products and services. I find it a reliable company as it has continued to improve its communication networks. One thing we have to remember is that inmates will finally be able to talk to their inmates without having them going up and showing themselves in prisons. They could just pick a phone and talk to their inmates. This is possible through communication devices installed in the prisons. They will be able to catch up with their families without any much hassles. Securus Technologies has been at the fore front to ensure efficient communication for people in correctional facilities. According to the BBB profile, the company has good rating of A-.



Securus Technologies, Committed to Innovative Solutions.

When tragedy strikes, family and friends of the victims are anxious and will want to communicate consistently. The Securus Technologies has realized the importance of maintaining communication between the inmates in Louisiana State Prison and their loved ones. This is as a result of the severe floods being experienced in Louisiana.


In conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LADOC), Securus will give each inmate one free call per day for seven days. It is estimated that Securus will connect more than 250,000 calls in the seven days valued at approximately $300,000. Other than the free calls, the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions will contribute $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at Louisiana Department of Correction.


With 25 years’ experience, Securus Technologies has become the industry leader in providing cutting-edge solutions to corrections agencies, inmates and their loved ones across North America. It started as Tele-Matic Corporation in 1986 and over the years it has merged and acquired other companies offering similar services. In recent years it has acquired CellBlox, an industry leader in the provision of Managed Access Systems, JLG Technologies, a supplier continuous voice biometric analysis and Telerus, a provider of automated interactive voice response system.


Securus Technologies offers public safety solutions regarding emergency response, public information and incident management. The public safety solutions help law enforcement agencies in collecting, visualizing, storing and distributing information in time to support public safety. The investigative solutions cover biometric analysis, data analytics and location-based services. The court appointed communication reporting program, and GPS electronic monitoring are services under the monitoring solutions. Friends and family of incarcerated persons can not only call, but they can visit the inmate from home through video visitations.



Securus and Other Inmate Communication Companies Agree to Keep their Industry on Track

Securus is a communications company that provides systems for law enforcement and for prisons. This company has been providing high quality inmate communications technology for years. Their service is very well appreciated among inmates, their families and prison officials.

I was reading up on information about video calls when I discovered that Securus was trying to keep their industry from ripping off customers. I really thought highly of this company when they did this because I know how important it is to be able to speak to family member who is locked away. I don’t want to pay a huge fee just to keep in touch with an incarcerated loved one.

To me, Securus is on their game. They are really helping the average inmate to have a decent time while behind bars. Let’s face it; prison is a tough thing to experience; and that experience can be even harder if you realize that some company is trying to rip your family and you.

I can really respect Securus’s effort to speak out against fraud and deceit within the industry as a whole. They want other companies to realize the importance of what they are doing and to make sure that they are serving inmates and their families with their communications services.

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I am glad that I discovered Securus. I want to try out this company’s technology for myself. I honestly believe that I will be get the best experience for me and my incarcerated relative with their communications services.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.