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George Soros, Shaping the Future

George Soros has made a name for himself. He is often known for supporting human rights initiatives and good governance all over the world. George Soros was born in Hungary during the Nazi occupation of the Hungarian territories. He fled Hungary to England where he enrolled in the London School of Economics. He got a job as a finance officer at a merchant bank.

According to Forbes, he relocated to New York where he started his hedge fund in 1969 with $ 12 million after joining Wall Street. After a while, the firm was re-branded to Quantum Fund. Years later, Soros still command respect in the investment industry through Soros Fund Management. Through his family office, he owns $30 billion in assets. Soros hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, one of the most prominent women in Wall Street, to manage his Soros Fund Management as its Chief Investment Officer. Since 2000, Fitzpatrick is the seventh CIO. He is also a supporter of the liberal causes and has been a fierce critic of Donald Trump and his policies.

During 2016 United States Elections, Soros re-emerged by giving financial support to the Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and the top bogeyman of conservatives. According to the information obtained from the Federal Election Commission and Soros’s associates through interviews and Democratic fundraising operatives, Soros gave over $25 million to Democratic Party causes. Soros made about $ 24.9 billion through risky currency trading and was expected to provide even more before the voting day.

It was during this particular election period that Soros seemed to have a renewed enthusiasm and combination of faith in Clinton’s candidacy and the pessimism of the GOP candidate rival Donald Trump, whom Soros accused of doing the hard work for ISIS by cultivating fear. According to Soros’ political adviser Michael Vachon, Soros had been giving financial support to the Democratic causes. However, in 2016 stakes seemed to have gone very high. He added that even before Donald Trump being confirmed as GOP candidate, the stakes were high. Vachon highlighted that the other side became opposed to many issues that George cared about and has made efforts to improve for many years. These items include the immigration reforms, religious tolerance and justice reforms.

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The 2016 motivation by George Soros to contribute toward the Democratic causes are similar to those in 2004. Soros was genuinely motivated by the opposition to the Iraq War and other Bush Administration policies which led him to support the liberal groups and John Kerry’s unsuccessful challenge to Bush’s return to power. Soros’ powerful inflammatory rhetoric accompanied the spending; he stated that the Bush administration was similar to the Nazis and insisted that defeating Bush as a “matter of life and death.” His opponents attacked him viciously by casting him as self-hating Jew amongst others. Despite the personal attacks on him, Soros has always been committed towards making life better through reforms. Read more on

George Soros: The Political Activist

George Soros is recently following up on his political activism after a well-deserved sabbatical. George Soros is a successful billionaire investor with strong Democratic Party affiliations. As on Sept 27, 2016, Soros had donated more than $25 million towards the support of Hillary Clinton Candidacy, various Democratic candidates, and party activities. This support was not the first time. In 2004, he donated $27 million to support Democratic Party campaign on Biography to help defeat President George W. Bush. He had been on the forefront of Democratic Party fundraising activities and causes.

In 2016, George Soros engaged politically compared to previous years. George Soros was concerned about the rise of Donald Trump to power. Donald Trump had used fear extensively throughout his campaign. Soros had faith that Hillary Clinton was the best candidate to lead America and maintain peaceful co-existence of the American metropolitan society, otherwise referred to as the Nation of Immigrants. Soros was himself born in Hungary but immigrated to New York in his early years.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party had extensively expressed hostility towards many issues that George Soros championed for many years. This included criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms, and religious tolerance. The political activism of George Soros was clear in 2016 election campaigns on He donated large sums of money to support Hillary Clinton and encouraged other wealthy activists to do the same.

For instance, in 2016, Tom Steyer, the San Francisco environment donated $31 million to support PAC activities and causes. Besides, Don Sussman, the New York hedge fund manager, had given $13 million to support various campaigns and committees at Furthermore, the two media moguls Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban gave $11.1 million each to support the Democratic Party activities.

At the end of June 2016, George Soros had given out $7 million to support the super PAC, which had a rich support for Hillary Clinton through the Priorities USA Action program. Besides, Soros had donated $2million to the American Bridge 21st Century. The American Bridge was an opposition super PAC that has been attacking Trump and various Republican Party candidates. Soros donated $5 million to support the activities of Immigrant Voters Win to encourage and increase the voter turnouts of the Hispanic voters in swing states.

By Sept. 2016, Soros had admitted that Donald Trump was going to win the popular vote. However, he was confident that the Electoral College was going to vote out Trump but instead favor Hillary Clinton. This did not happen though since the Electoral College respected the outcome of the popular vote and gave Trump a direct pass to become the next president of the US.

His reaction to Trump’s triumph was that the American people have voted in a con artist as their president. He observed that Donald Trump is a would-be dictator and that Trump’s government epitomizes the formation of an incompetent and extremist cabinet. He sees that Donald Trump pose a great risk to the American free and open society and will endanger the rights of the minorities.