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Talkspace Is Dominating The Therapy Industry

It’s truly amazing how mobile devices have advanced so much over the last decade or so. Mobile phones now have almost everything we need on them to have a productive day. News, traffic, weather, social media and, oh yeah, the function of actually being a phone. With all this data and entertainment at the touch of a fingertip its hard to see why anyone would feel depressed. A study in South Korea finds that 10% of teen internet users are at risk of suffering from depression. This explains why services like Talkspace are critical to have.

Talkspace is a platform that allow users to speak to mental-health professionals online. There is no need for clients to drive all the way to the therapists office and fight through traffic to seek help. These e-therapy platforms were designed to cater to the end-users needs. There are options for traditional text therapy and video therapy sessions. Talkspace has half-a-million registered patients and over a thousand professional therapists.

Talkspace has signed a deal with Magellan Health and has been collaborating new innovate approaches to offer it’s clients with more therapy options. Talkspace’s plans start out at about $32 per week, which allows you to speak with a professional therapist once per day via text. For $49 per week you get the same daily allotted time via text in addition to a thirty minute live session each calendar month.

Talkspace wants patients to receive the therapy they seek at an affordable rate that anyone can afford. Mental health care should be about addressing the patients needs and not about maximizing profits. Thousands of satisfied patients have broken through mental barriers and overcome serious issues that have plagued their lives using Talkspace. Don’t over pay for mental-healing again. Come allow the therapists at Talkspace to cater to your needs.