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Gooee’s Impressive IoT Platform

Gooee incorporates a team of experienced lighting and software specialists who put all their efforts in providing exceptional enterprise IoT solutions to the lighting world. The company has the best innovative ideas to ensure that they only offer the best solutions, for lighting and sensing environments. Gooee uses only the best technology to set up a platform that can handle numerous devices and update demands. The company offers the latest in security, APIs, communication protocols and cloud architecture to set up the ideal Gooee Smart Lighting platform.

Inclusive of their extensive services is LED lighting, which they strive to produce only the best quality in the market. However, when it comes to LED lighting, there are a lot of factors to be considered especially on the choice of color. LED bulbs come with the capabilities of displaying many impressive colors, but the most popular ones are soft white and bright white.

When it comes to dimmable lights, at Gooee you will find the best but is crucial to note that not all dimmable LEDS are compatible with traditional dimming switches. In some cases, you will probably have to replace your switch while in others you simply have to find a compatible LED. Also not all light fixtures use LED bulbs, so it is important to know just before buy your LED bulb. By knowing this, you will ensure that your LED bulb will not fizzle out before its time.