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Goettl Hopes Everybody Enjoys A Cool Summer

Enjoying the Summer months can be difficult for those who are struggling to keep their to keep their home or business cool and comfortable even when the heat rises to the extremes seen across the southwest of the U.S. The Goettl company of HVAC technicians is hoping to provide a few simple tips and pieces of advice to help everybody cool their homes and lower their utility bills in a few simple to understand ways.

Among the many tips provided in the “Goettl Tells All” article the Arizona and Nevada based HVAC company explains it is important to make sure the building is prepared to keep the cooled air within the parcel of the property. Making sure all cracks and gaps are sealed is the first step to creating a cool and comfortable home with the installation of new insulation always a good way of making sure cool air stays within the property. As an HVAC company, Goettl also wants everybody to make sure they are exploring the needs of their system with a maintenance needs handled by a professional company.


The Goettl brand has been at the forefront of the HVAC industry since its inception in the 1930s and is known as one of the leaders in providing innovations for its customers; although many of the innovations are now in the technology being installed, the Goettl company developed many of the pieces of technology still used to cool homes across the world.

In 2014, Ken Goodrich became the owner of Goettl and made the decision to work with the HVAC program at the College of Southern Nevada to help train the next generation of Goettl technicians. A series of scholarships and sponsorship programs have been developed at the College Of Southern Nevada to make sure Goettl is involved in the training of its next generation of technicians.