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Have You Heard Of Brian Torchin?

Who is Brian Torchin? For one, he is the developer and owner of HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors) out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Brian saw the need for medical professionals to have a place they can go to that assists them in finding employment in the medical field.

As a Chiropractor, Brian Torchin realized that medical positions were not readily available when searching the newspaper for employment. Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, etc. relied heavily on word of mouth or recruitment from a hospital. With this knowledge in hand, he created HCRC in March of 2005.

Brian Torchin became a Chiropractor after graduating first from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors in Exercise Science and then completing Chiropractic College in NY. His vision to link medical professionals to open positions as well as professional counseling and helpful articles has been an asset to many.

If you look Brian Torchin up on the internet, there are dozens of sites that feature his accomplishment with HCRC and offer contact information as well as links to his official HCRC home page. Linkedln, Wellness (Doctor Directory), Product Hunt and Crunchbase are just a few of the sites you can find his profile on.

There is also a nicely written article on the website CNN ireport that gives a small biography of Brian’s accomplishments with his company HCRC and how it has been an asset to the medical field. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

On a personal side, Brian’s Facebook page has several links to other helpful medical websites as well as a long list of friends that are in the medical field. He has “liked” many medical pages and groups as well as a few “personal” areas of interest. For the ladies, he does not list a relationship but does have one picture of a small boy riding on his shoulders. I’m not sure if it is his child, but I don’t see a ring on his finger either. wink..wink

His page touts one positive review, so help the man out and review his amazing accomplishments.

If you find him on Twitter, from what I saw, his tweets are to help others by listing available medical positions in America, Canada and Australia as well as wisely using the site to tweet about HCRC and how to find the official webpage.

It takes a strong mind and an even stronger will to build such an amazing business where nothing like it existed. The hard work and dedication has really worked for Brian and I am sure he hope it is useful for you too.