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Lime Crime: Getting Attention Abroad

Lime Crime is a cosmetics manufacturer that has recently launched overseas. After some turbulent challenges, they have surfaced as a great variety of vegan makeup products in China. Their management team had to take some new stances in order to get the best results.

Lime Crime initially wanted to launch in China but found significant legal discrepancies between the US and China. For one, Chinese markets require products to be tested on animals. This is a policy they had in place in order to improve the safety of products as well as their potential sustainable usage. However, LimeCrime did not comply with these procedures.

This was the first problem that Lime Crime experienced when trying to launch in China. In order to get past this point of contention, they decided to ship exclusively and directly from the United States. This addressed the legal requirements, as the Chinese markets found this to be acceptable.

Despite being able to get the products into the country, there were multiple complications because of taxes and fees. The tariffs had to be accounted for in the new pricing models. This was a bit easier to address than the animal testing.

After getting a proper shipment system, Lime Crime decided to explore the products that are being marketed in China currently. To their surprise, multiple vendors had been counterfeiting their products.

In order to combat these fakes, Lime Crime decided to partner with another brand; Revolve. This fashion brand originating from L.A. was interested in approaching Chinese markets at the same time. They found a common ground with Lime Crime when it came to the audiences they wanted to reach.

The end results were impressive because they helped both companies succeed. Lime Crime listed Revolve as the only place where customers can buy their products online. The dedicated page made it easier to have the best results and for Chinese people to know where to get the authentic merchandise. With a safe way to ship the items and a secure place for people to buy them, Lime Crime has made a great impression on Chinese markets.