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Sheldon Lavin’s Community Service Award Accomplishments

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman of OSI Industries and its subsidiaries was presented the Edward C. Jones award for community service several years ago because his outreach extended beyond making billions in the meat processing industry to supporting philanthropy in OSI Industries’ communities. The main organization that Lavin presides over is the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a scholarship and healthcare wing of the McDonald’s Corporation, but he’s also a sponsor of the Chicago Inner City Foundation, the Jewish United Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Boys & Girls Club. Lavin has been proud to support the communities OSI Industries operates in, and he believes the company is about greater things than just meat production.

Sheldon Lavin had his beginnings in investment banking and making deals between big companies such as mergers and acquisitions and debt restructuring. But after he established his own consulting firm, he was asked by the owners of Otto & Sons meat market to help them get a loan for a new high volume meat plant. In the process of acquiring the loan and offering financial advice to Otto & Sons, Lavin was asked if he’d consider becoming an owner in the company. He initially said no because he didn’t know much about the food industry, and he wanted to remain in financial consulting. But he did continue to work with the company in more deals and also giving its owners advice on how to manage their growth investments. Later on Lavin had a change of heart and agreed to become Chairman and CEO of the company and buy the owner’s shares when the current owners of Otto & Sons retired.

In 1978, Lavin had the company’s name changed to OSI Industries because it was now building factories not only across the US, but also into new countries like Brazil and Germany and today it now has over 55 plants in 17 different countries. The company has made its beef and chicken products the center of its operations, but it’s also acquired several produce farms and added vegetable and baked goods to its portfolio. The companies Lavin has made partnerships with include OSI China, Select Ready Foods in Canada, Flagship Europe in the UK and Baho Food in the Netherlands. But even with these big acquisitions, Lavin has kept OSI Industries running like a family company and he views its most important mission as adding jobs to the regions it expands into, and every company OSI has acquired has seen very little turnover as a result of the acquisition.

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Boraie Development – The Right Choice

Have you ever heard of the glorious place called Atlantic City? Casinos and fun surround the city. Boraie Development LLC has a brand new project that will deliver 250 new apartments to the city. The apartment development is set toward the growth of Atlantic City. Over the past 10 years the casinos that are springing up in the states that surround Atlantic City have been damaging to the Atlantic City industry.

The expectations are that the new apartment buildings will be of service to the majority of the over 50,000 workers in Atlantic City. The apartments will be equipped with a lounge for the community of residence to socialize, network and to conduct business. Other perks of the facility will be a work out area and an awesome pool.

The apartment project is not simply hoping that the apartments will turn around the city into a bustling area of perfection. Separately on the scene is the Atlantic City Gateway Project which is being built for the residence of Stockton University. Together this is a formula for massive growth.

Wasseem Boraie who is the oldest son of the owner and the company’s vice president says that the apartments will bring a new and renewed feel to the city. Over half of the city’s housing is more than 40 years old. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The president of Boraie Development LLC is Sam Boraie. Sam is a 77 year old charismatic individual who believes that his vision for a certain area can continue to construct the shape of that area. Visit to see more.

Boraie Development was established in 1986. This shows the company’s longevity. They are dedicated to developing urban areas. They have developed many areas in very large ways. They pride themselves on perfect service to their clients. Superior quality in every building is one of the keys to their success. The company is privately held and it is headquarters based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Check out press of atlantic city for more.

Shaquille O’Neal is a partner in the real estate development firm. Shaquille was born in New Jersey. Shaq’s involvement with the project also confirms the seriousness and the strong financial and timely backing of Boraie Development LLC. As we know, Shaq gets to the real of every situation. The company is continuing to set its vision on transforming more areas in the future. You can visit Boraie Development LLC online at

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Career Background of the Successful Businessman Duda Melzer Mary

Born on 13th May 1972 in Porto Alegre, RS, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, commonly known as Duda Melzer is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil.

Educational Background

At 26, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in Business Administration in 1998. In the quest for further knowledge in his field, Duda continued learning, and at the moment, he holds a Master of Business Administration. He also studied two other executive courses from Harvard Business School; Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations and Effective Strategies for Media Companies. Visit Clicrbs for more details.

Career Background

Duda began his profession in Brazil in the financial and market franchise. In 2002, he served as the Senior Financial Analyst at Delphi Corporation and was the Director General of BoxTop Media. In 2004, Sirotsky joined the RBS group where he served as Director General for the national market. He acted as the Vice President of the Market and Business Development from 2008, and as of 2010, he was RBS Group’s Executive Vice President. He became RBS’s CEO on 3rd July 2012 and from 1st January 2016, he succeeded his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky as the Company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Duda is the director of Mercosul Biennial. He is the founder as well as the chairman of Digital e.Bricks and a partner of the e.Bricks Ventures which operates in US and Brazil.


Under Duda’s management, the RBS Group in 2014 was recognized among the three media and internet firms in the nation which generated the most value for their audiences. In a research done by the Abril publisher, RBS featured among the ten most innovative organizations in Brazil.

In 2016, Duda was selected to compile the list of leaders of Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Every year, this selection collects twenty-five members of the new era of the outstanding entrepreneurial families from every part of the world that should be emulated in the community. He has won numerous awards including “Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015 (Ernst and Young)” in the Family Business Category.

Duda says that his inspiration for such an incredible legacy comes from John Davis, an American Harvard professor and family business specialist, Jim Collins, and Ram Charan. He is married with three children and is passionate about sports. Follow Duda on Twitter


Jason Hope – A Successful Serial Entrepreneur and a Self-Proclaimed Futurist

Jason Hope is a well-known businessman, futurist, author, and philanthropist, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope believes in the power of technology and its ability to transform the world as we know it. He believes that even though the majority of the people are using the smart technology today, it would change drastically in the years to come as the Internet of Things technology takes over.

The Internet of Things technology is a new age technology that connects different devices in the same network and makes sharing of information in real-time possible and efficient. With the help of Internet of Things technology, most of the devices that one can imagine would be connected to each other, whether it is a fan or a coffeemaker and a phone or a wheelchair, and more. Such a great technology would ensure that the uses of resources are maximized, and the wastage of resources is minimized.

The European countries are already actively researching on the Internet of Things technology and its applications. The Internet of Things technology is used in the aviation industry to help the technicians know in real time if there are any damages in the engine or any other parts of the airplane. It makes it easy for the professionals to find out where the damage is inflicted and what needs to be repaired. Previously, finding where the flaw is can take several hours and even days. Jason Hope believes that with time, the power of Internet of Things technology would be realized by many different industries and efficiently integrated into their work culture.

As a futurist and a philanthropist, Jason Hope is also associated with many charitable organizations to help with social and community welfare. He also donates generously to the SENS Research Foundation, which does an active research on finding the cure for a terminal illness like cancer, and other deadly diseases. SENS Research Foundation also research on anti-aging and finding ways to enhance the lifespan of a human being. Jason Hope believes that even though these ideas seem impossible now, there is a possibility for its achievement in the future if done proper and extensive research on it.

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Why Eric Pulier Believes that Persistence is the Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Eric Pulier has several titles in his name. He is a philanthropist, respected public speaker, published author, columnist, entrepreneur, and technologist. Pulier is usually keen on biotech innovations like the CRISPR-Cas9. This innovation facilitates the permanent modification of animal genes. He also monitors the block chain technology in modern commerce.


Pulier believes that block chain technology plays a crucial role in shaping the future economic functions. As he perfected his entrepreneurship skills, he discovered that writing enables a person to articulate ideas clearly. He uses this mechanism to bring his ideas to life.




Pulier is also the brains behind more than fifteen business ventures that have generated hundreds of millions since their inception. His most successful ventures include the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Desktone, and Akana. Companies founded by Pulier, including US Interactive and Digital Evolution, have also proved to be profitable. He usually invests in startups and venture capital groups in technology and media.


According to Eric Pulier, market trends usually pave the way for disruptive opportunities that transform the modern economy. As the founder of a number of business ventures, he believes that innovation in business is driven by emerging trends. For instance, he founded vAtomic Systems after the evolution of mobile GPS and digital goods trading.


Business strategies


Pulier is a firm believer of persistence as a business strategy. He also believes that not all projects turn out as they were planned. His advice to entrepreneurs is that they should push through sharp turns and tough moments. They should also be aware and prepared for the challenges that come when creating and implementing business plans. Successful entrepreneurs are those who can adjust and change based on the challenges or triumphs that come their way.


Charity work


One of the reasons Eric Pulier has a good reputation is his charity endeavors. Pulier is passionate about supporting charitable organizations besides investing in seed level startups. He is an active supporter of The Painted Turtle, a charity organization that he serves as a board member. The Painted Turtle uses the financial resources that donors contribute for organizing camps for chronically ill kids during summer. Pulier is also an executive member of XPRIZE Foundation’s Innovation Board.