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Whitney Wolfe Gets Married on Amalfi Coast

Whitney Wolfe is very interesting to all of the young singles that are looking for love. Women are especially appreciative of her because she created the Bumble dating app that gives ladies the chance to make the first move. This is a very creative app that Whitney will has put in place, and now that she has gotten married even more women are interested in her perspective on dating and the way that she conceptualizes her dating app.

Whitney Wolfe is functioning at a peak level right now. She is finding great success with her dating app, and she is also in a place where her personal life is thriving with her recent marriage. Some might say that Whitney Wolfe is firing on all cylinders. She has the potential to grow the company that she created call Bumble even more, and it appears that the marriage may even help fuel her creative streak.

Before Whitney Wolfe got married her primary focus was on the dating aspect of her company. She was someone that was thinking like a single person because she was single before she got engaged. This gave her a great amount of creative flow about how she would develop a dating app because she was actually thinking like a single woman. This made it easier for her to communicate her needs with her team of other single Bumble females. She was also able to build a better dating app then what was commonplace because there were so many people that were looking for something new and different.

Now that Whitney Wolfe is happily married she is able to focus on other things, and there is quite a bit of interest in her new focal points. She has put some time into Bumble BFF. This is an app extension to the original Bumble dating app. This is something that has allowed her to become more than just an entreprenuer that has a new dating app. Now that she is extending her app in this way it gives her access to a new world of social media users. It is true that there are millions of singles out there, but everyone is not looking for a date at this time. What Whitney Wolfe knows is that her desire to expand Bumble is going to be based heavily on her ability to think in a creative way as she has recently.

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