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An up close with William Saito

William Saito is an entrepreneur and invests in tech projects and has over the years learned valuable lessons that have helped him in his career. His began his entrepreneurial journey at an early age while he was still in college.

William Saito discovered he had an interest in computers while still a young boy at ten years old he had already proven to be a potential programmer and this gave him an opportunity to work in a computer programming company. This was a golden opportunity as it helped him sharpen his skills even more.

Once he joined college, William Saito was ready to venture into tech business, and he established a software firm that became a great success. He later sold the company in 2000. Over the years Saito has learnt that failure is necessary to achieve success.

As an entrepreneur, William has discovered one thing that creates a difference between a successful businessperson and one who is not is the willingness to take risks. According to Saito for one to attain success, it is essential to be ready to fail and learn from the situation, this will help you to handle your business with more knowledge.

In a recent interview, we get up close with William Saito and get to understand how he brings his ideas to life and gets insights on his journey in business.

On an average day, William is always interacting with people to find solutions. He is dedicated to coming up with innovations that make a difference in people’s lives all over the world.

William Saito uses the “design thinking” method to make his ideas a reality, according to Saito when you fall early, and fast, and often it ensures that you are moving forward and this thinking has helped William to achieve his ideas.

William Saito attributes his success to understanding that experiencing downfall is a critical player in achieving success, especially when it comes to innovations. Saito also emphasises on the need of teamwork as it helps one to make it during the hard times.

Saito also emphasizes the need to follow your passion, and take one step at a time. As a business person, one thing that William recommends is persistence, even with challenges repeat something over and over again until you emerge a victor. This has significantly being a source of motivation for William as he has managed to succeed in his projects despite the failures.