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The Achievements of Vinny Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is one of the most respected figures in the financial department. At the moment, the finance executive is serving at an institution called AXA Advisor. Vinny Parascandola is holding the position of financial advisor. The businessman has a lot of expertise in the finance department, and this explains why the company has been doing so well under his leadership. According to his portfolio, Parascandola educational background has been playing a huge role in his successful career.

Vincent Parascandola realized that he was interested in economics and finance when he was still a very young boy. His father and mother wanted him to acquire the best education, and that is why they chose to invest heavily in his studies. After completing his high school education, Vinny Parascandola was fortunate to get an opportunity to attend the prestigious Pace University where he acquired a degree in computer science. His good grades in the school enabled him to be called for a commencement speech when the institution held its graduation in the year 2014. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

While serving at AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola has several responsibilities. First of all, he is in charge of all the training, human resource, recruitment, sales, operations and other management activities. Due to his presence in the company, the financial advisor has helped the company to be a leader in the competitive market. Individuals who have worked with the businessman say that he is very hardworking and dedicated when performing these activities and this is why he has earned the trust of many customers.

Thanks to his numerous accomplishments, Vincent Parascandola has been given several awards. At the moment, Parascandola is in charge of the growth and development for more than two hundred financial professionals who are based in New Jersey. Under his leadership, these finance experts have assisted numerous clients who are looking for quality financial help. It is impossible for the modern investor to perform well in the competitive market if they do not get the financial advice they need before making an investment. With his team, Vincent has been ensuring that his customers get the best. You can visit his Vimeo account to see more.

Meet Jose Henrique Borghi, a Top Player in the Advertising World

Brazil has the best advertising agencies across the globe with ads campaigns used by Honda, Mitsubishi, American Express, and Unilever originating from Brazil. There are several individuals responsible for creating these advertisements that many relate to and love. One such person is Jose Henrique Borghi who has made a name for himself in the ad market such that many associates that name to creativity in the ads and marketing world. For instance, Mr. Borghi was behind the creation of ad campaigns for top companies including Ikea, Google, Western Union, Hyatt, Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, JetBlue, General Motors, Harley Davidson and Royal Caribbean among others.

Jose Henrique has over two decades in the advertising industry. Shortly after finishing his studies, Jose started off his profession working as an advertising agent for Ogilvy ad Academy in 1988. Later on, he joined other ad firms including Talent and DM9DDB. In 1999, Mr. Borghi career advanced when he was appointed the Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett where he worked diligently and got the top CEO position in the company until 2002.

He left Leo Burnett and partnered with Ray Erh and together they started BorgiErh adversity agency which later merged with Lowe+ Partners. In 2015, the Mullen Group purchased the company, and it became Mullen Lowe Brasil with Jose as it CEO, a position he still holds to date. Under Jose’s leadership and capable hands, Mullen Ad Agency has to continue to excel in many advertisements with greater coverage outside the Brazilian borders.

In its efforts to expand, the agency made another merger becoming Borghi/Lowe Agency in Brazil with Jose as its co-CEO with Andre Gomes. Mr. Borghi’s duties at the firm include administration of social media platforms, design planning mobile and digital marketing, performance analytics and public relations. Moreover, Jose Henrique has won several awards at key Brazilian and global events including being named the Advertising Professional of the year by the Brazilian Advertising Association (ABP) in 2014.