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Have you ever heard of the glorious place called Atlantic City? Casinos and fun surround the city. Boraie Development LLC has a brand new project that will deliver 250 new apartments to the city. The apartment development is set toward the growth of Atlantic City. Over the past 10 years the casinos that are springing up in the states that surround Atlantic City have been damaging to the Atlantic City industry.

The expectations are that the new apartment buildings will be of service to the majority of the over 50,000 workers in Atlantic City. The apartments will be equipped with a lounge for the community of residence to socialize, network and to conduct business. Other perks of the facility will be a work out area and an awesome pool.

The apartment project is not simply hoping that the apartments will turn around the city into a bustling area of perfection. Separately on the scene is the Atlantic City Gateway Project which is being built for the residence of Stockton University. Together this is a formula for massive growth.

Wasseem Boraie who is the oldest son of the owner and the company’s vice president says that the apartments will bring a new and renewed feel to the city. Over half of the city’s housing is more than 40 years old. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The president of Boraie Development LLC is Sam Boraie. Sam is a 77 year old charismatic individual who believes that his vision for a certain area can continue to construct the shape of that area. Visit to see more.

Boraie Development was established in 1986. This shows the company’s longevity. They are dedicated to developing urban areas. They have developed many areas in very large ways. They pride themselves on perfect service to their clients. Superior quality in every building is one of the keys to their success. The company is privately held and it is headquarters based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Check out press of atlantic city for more.

Shaquille O’Neal is a partner in the real estate development firm. Shaquille was born in New Jersey. Shaq’s involvement with the project also confirms the seriousness and the strong financial and timely backing of Boraie Development LLC. As we know, Shaq gets to the real of every situation. The company is continuing to set its vision on transforming more areas in the future. You can visit Boraie Development LLC online at

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