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Wengie Shares 12 Lazy Life Hacks


Wengie brings her fans a list of life hacks for those days you just want to be lazy. One minute mug meals are a quick meal idea. Wengie teaches you how to make Legume pizza and a one minute chocolate cake. Turn your chip bag into a bowl so that you won’t have to reach so far to get a chip. When you don’t want to dirty a spoon, or you don’t have one, you can make a spoon from yogurt lid. When you don’t want to deal with the hassle of an iron you can iron your collar with a hair straightener. Just don’t try this with delicate fabrics. Use your phone as a remote, so that you only have to keep up with one device for all your entertainment needs. You also won’t have to look for that lost remote again. Wrap your plates in plastic wrap, especially for foods that will be difficult to wash from the dish. Wear a hoodie backwards to use the hood as a hands free popcorn bowl. Now you can snack while using your phone. Ever wanted a drink while laying down? A sippy cup lets you have that drink with no mess. Holding your Ipad up to watch a show makes your arms tired, to solve this you can make an I pad holder anywhere with wall hooks that stick on. For those times that you need to make people think you are doing chores you can play a video of vacuum sounds, to make them think you are working. Also, to fake having done the dishes print a picture of the bottom of the sink and lay it over the dishes. The cleaning hacks won’t work for long, but they can buy you a little time.

The Highland Capital Management and Funds

The company, Highland Capital Management is an SEC-registered investing firm that consults clients together with their affiliates and has a net worth of 14.9 billion dollars under their control. They are a global solution in credit management and focus on strategizing credit borrowed by their clients. This credit can be, credit hedge funds, long-only funds, special situations private investments, separate accounts and distressed funds. They also give advice on managing collateral loan obligations.


With time they have found other sectors that they can concentrate on and maybe diversify their base. They have invested and paid attention on; public pension plans, charity foundations, high-net-worth people, government finance planning, funds of funds, advising corporations, financial institutions, and corporations.


The Highland Capital Management have other investments to offer; they look for emerging markets to invest in, equities and exploit natural resources from countries that are rich in oil for example. They have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas and have large offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo and New York.


The founders of the company also focus on MLPs having distinct sponsors who work together to come with productive investments with big returns. Their oil investments last year gave about half of their funds’ total return. Partners reinvested in their dividends and made sure that they maximized returns this year. Leaders say that they have done an excellent job in making profits and has sized down to a position that they think is safe to play in.


They are interested in the health sector in that they want to help individuals that are addicted to an opioid drug which has affected a lot of students and working class persons in the USA. They want to help in approval of new, less addictive pain relievers. They will, in turn, invest in alternative drugs that will make the company enormous profits at the same time helping the masses.


Dallas Foundation is a foundation that Highland partners with to ensure that exact non-profit causes are sought to help people in of their help. They serve as leaders, catalysts and a philanthropic organization giving back to society. They concentrate mainly in the city and county of Dallas.



Why Eric Pulier Believes that Persistence is the Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Eric Pulier has several titles in his name. He is a philanthropist, respected public speaker, published author, columnist, entrepreneur, and technologist. Pulier is usually keen on biotech innovations like the CRISPR-Cas9. This innovation facilitates the permanent modification of animal genes. He also monitors the block chain technology in modern commerce.


Pulier believes that block chain technology plays a crucial role in shaping the future economic functions. As he perfected his entrepreneurship skills, he discovered that writing enables a person to articulate ideas clearly. He uses this mechanism to bring his ideas to life.




Pulier is also the brains behind more than fifteen business ventures that have generated hundreds of millions since their inception. His most successful ventures include the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Desktone, and Akana. Companies founded by Pulier, including US Interactive and Digital Evolution, have also proved to be profitable. He usually invests in startups and venture capital groups in technology and media.


According to Eric Pulier, market trends usually pave the way for disruptive opportunities that transform the modern economy. As the founder of a number of business ventures, he believes that innovation in business is driven by emerging trends. For instance, he founded vAtomic Systems after the evolution of mobile GPS and digital goods trading.


Business strategies


Pulier is a firm believer of persistence as a business strategy. He also believes that not all projects turn out as they were planned. His advice to entrepreneurs is that they should push through sharp turns and tough moments. They should also be aware and prepared for the challenges that come when creating and implementing business plans. Successful entrepreneurs are those who can adjust and change based on the challenges or triumphs that come their way.


Charity work


One of the reasons Eric Pulier has a good reputation is his charity endeavors. Pulier is passionate about supporting charitable organizations besides investing in seed level startups. He is an active supporter of The Painted Turtle, a charity organization that he serves as a board member. The Painted Turtle uses the financial resources that donors contribute for organizing camps for chronically ill kids during summer. Pulier is also an executive member of XPRIZE Foundation’s Innovation Board.




As Demi Lovato Debuts: Can you successfully compete with Fabletics?

Fabletics is an online women attire company that came into existence less than five years ago. However, its mere existence has sent ripples of fear down Amazon’s spine. In its few years of operation under Kate Hudson’s leadership, the brand has been able to take Amazon head on successfully. Presently, it is one the best online shopping platform that sells female clothing. The journey to success has not been an easy one. Apart from sheer luck and determination, the company has made use of the reverse showroom technique, a methodology that maximizes its efforts on winning over customers. So far, the model has been successful and has built Fabletics into a two hundred and fifty million dollar empire. Apart from strategy, Fabletics is under the management of a robust team of executives all of whom happen to be fashionable. Working alongside a person like Demi Lovato, Kate has been able to bring quality and fashion to her clients.


Although Demi is relatively new to the Fabletics brand, she has brought with her years of skill and talent as well as an unequaled following based on her singing career. To this end, she has been able to come up with the athleisure collection. Demi’s journey to Fabletics is absorbing. She started out as a Fabletics customer, met Kate Hudson at the gym and later on became workout wear designing partners. Since she was young, Demi Lovato has always wanted to create beautiful outfits from fabric, but she never had a person to guide her. However, her encounter with Hudson at the gym made her take up the opportunity of being part of the Fabletics brand without much delay. Lovato’s designs are not only trendy but also comfortable. Thus, a client can enjoy glamour during fitness and body exercise since the gym wear also comes engraved with likable slogans. It is because of the combination of athletics and a feeling of leisure in Demi’s designs that the term athleisure trend came into being.


With her large social media following, Demi Lovato has introduced many customers around the globe to Fabletics. So far, Fabletics items are the most preferred when it comes to gym fashion. Items coming from Fabletics are not only made from quality materials but are also durable. Besides, these gears are manufactured from the latest designs in fashion, usually after months of research on a particular symmetry. Also, the wear is easily customizable at the client’s discretion, and this is one of the reasons as to why customers are pleased with Fabletics. Fabletics customer service remains unmatched. Consumer grievances can always happen through the company’s website, and the support team is always ready to give assistance whenever it can. Since Fabletics always appreciates its customers, it provides customized products to clients that have been most loyal to the brand. Finally, Fabletics makes use of physical as well as online shops. In so doing, they create convenience since many people today prefer to shop for items through the internet as opposed to walking into a corner store. Thus, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is at its best, now more than ever.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The Move by Honey Birdette to Enhance e-commerce for Their UK and US Markets

Honey Birdette is popularly known for their ability to inoculate a sense of sensuality in the Australian boudoir. The brand has so far extended to the United States and the UK, where they have registered tremendous growth. The organization was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 with the aim of enhancing the customer experience. Honey Birdette seeks to focus on their US and UK markets so as to satisfy all their customers. The US clients are lucky to have a website through which they get updates. The site was developed after they discovered that the US sales had raised by 374 percent within a span of twelve months. Their target is to boost the UK stores from three to forty by the end of next year. Following the plans that they have ahead of 2018, no doubt the trademark will hit their target as envisioned.

The Atmosphere That Allures Clients to Honey Birdette

Clearly, Honey Birdette serves as the epitome of pleasure parlor. They guide you through making the purchase of nice lingerie. All your bedroom needs are sorted at Honey Birdette, considering that they also stock high-end toys. Most of their clients take pride in their brand as it is unapologetically sensual. If you want to experience the joyful moments beyond the brink, then look no further as this brand has got you checked. After the busy day at work, you need to be assured of a soothing bedroom. The impressive perfumes will take off the edge and make your evening electrifying.

Essentials Catapulting Honey Birdette’s Brand

Eloise is not only an able leader but also a creative figure. For this reason, they always maintain a higher curve in creating superbly unique sets. While in their headquarters, they ensure production of products that are ideally suited to their customers’ needs. Most recently, they also updated their site to ascertain that they do fast delivery, which is a way of improving customer experience.

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The Artistic Side Of Arthur Becker

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker’s office is also an art studio and includes a workshop, paintings and sculptures. Becker was originally a stockbroker but his fortune was made purchasing tech companies. More recently he has made real estate investments in Florida and New York.

Along with his successes Becker has had some failures. His specialty binoculars called Bnox did not do well. People felt the focus was too difficult to use and the eyes were too far apart. Despite this Becker still loves binoculars and has several dozen pairs.

Becker is a collector of ancient currencies, many of which are more than a millennium old. He has had several reproduced as sculptures. Two of these will be installed in a commercial building in Boston owned by Capital Properties.

Arthur Becker often has art made from money. He has sculptures in his office of origami animals made from money, gold bars in the formation of Jenga pieces and crumpled cash. Becker views this type of art as a visual pun.

Becker once invested in a Hawaiian macadamia nut farm. Although they grew a million pounds of these nuts they took years to grow. The investment was approximately $4 million and eventually he sold out to Mrs. Fields for $10 million.

Becker was a believer in the Magic 8 Ball as a kid. Even as an adult he uses them in his art. They are juxtaposed against origami money and crushed into pieces and used on his paintings. He believes the money escapes from the eight ball and the balls represent decisions while the money escapes.

Arthur Becker was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1950. He attended Bennington College where he earned his BA in Fine Arts. His major was a mix of photography and ceramics. He went to business school at Dartmouth and became engrossed in technology companies.

Becker went back to photography late in the 1990’s. His intention was the creation of texture incorporated into photographic images. His current work places his focus on currency. He is exploring the meaning and the relationship people have with money. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Jeanmarie Guenot Outperforms Many In Her Field

One could conclude that JeanMarie Guenot’s past achievements were simply rewards for the strength and vibrancy of her youth. Some people might be expecting her pedigree to nose-dive having spent more than two decades in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry on 20 years is not a small amount of time. However, this great woman is proving doubters wrong by outperforming even some younger folks working with her. Only people working closely with her will appreciate this point as they see her on a daily basis.

Jeanmarie Guenot and her team in Amphivena Therapeutics work with utmost urgency. Why would they not? Recent statistics about cancer is shocking. Base on studies and researches, it is estimated that about 19 million people will be cancer patients by the year 2024. She and her subordinates keep joining forces with multiple alliances with a view to amassing sufficient resources and know-how for the purpose of knocking out cancer once and for all.

Read more: Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

JeanMarie Guenot’s Amphivena Therapeutics put in an investigational new drug application for AMV564 last year. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted it on 10th of August, 2016 after rigorous scrutiny. AMV564 has proven to be an effective treatment option for cancer cell with CD33. It is a bispecific antibody that harnesses human immunity in combating cancer cells with CD33. The expression CD33 refers to a transmembrane receptor found in many cases
involving AMLs.

The early days of Jeanmarie Guenot’s career can be traced to Atlas Venture where she managed the venture capital investments of the company. She later joined Hoffman LaRoache as a scientist in charge of preclinical research and development. Amphivena Therapeutics, her current employer, focuses on developing immunotherapies against cancer.

JeanMarie Guenot earned her PhD from the University of California, San Francisco and her MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is an authority when it comes to therapies that address cases of neurology, autoimmune diseases, oncology, cardiovascular diseases and ophthalmic diseases.

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Arthur Becker and the Ability to Combine Technology and Real Estate

It takes a true marketing and entrepreneurship genius to be able to mix together real estate and technology. They are two very different industries and they are something that people need to try different things to be able to get into. Arthur Becker was not only able to bridge the very large gap between them but he was also able to combine them and be successful at it. As an entrepreneur, he did what he could to offer more to the people who he worked with. While Arthur Becker was in the different areas that he worked in, he showed people time and again that he could truly be successful. While he didn’t necessarily come up with a cure for cancer and other diseases, he worked with the biological technology that allowed people to learn more about the options that were included with the different things that he could do for his business.

Despite the fact that Arthur Becker was doing what he could to make things better for his business, he wanted to take a break from it. He had seen a lot of success, had learned more about the options that he had and enabled himself to make things better for the people who he was working with. It gave him a chance to be able to have more opportunities and to make more money. All the time that he was doing this, he was also making money for himself which was a great difference compared to the options that he had in the past. Click here to know more.

Since Arthur Becker was doing what he could to be able to try new things and to do more with the business that he had. It was something that gave him the chance to try more and to show people what they too could be able to do. Even while he is working at Madison Partners, he is working hard to show off the skills that he has. He doesn’t do it to gloat but he does it to create opportunity for others. If he can do it, so can everyone else who wants to.

Todd Lubar

Inspiration From Todd Lubar’s Interview With Ideamensch
Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He also works at his company, Legendary Properties as its Senior Vice President. He is known for being one of the best mortgage originators in the US. He has been ranked as such for many consecutive times. His prominence in the finance and real estate industry led to Ideamensch booking an interview with him.

During the interview, Lubar talked of how he came to start TDL. He stated that in his 20-year career, he had noted that there were many barriers that hindered people from accessing loans. And, because he had always felt the need to come up with solutions to help his community, Todd Lubar decided to start a company that would remove some of these barriers and make loans more accessible.

During the interview, he gave word of advice to all upcoming entrepreneurs. He said that one has to have the will to do something, otherwise even with a million ideas one will never be successful. Lubar is a strong believer on the saying that where there is a will there is a way.

He also advised entrepreneurs to be heavily invested in all activities in their businesses. He said that as for him, he has to be aware of what is going on in every level of his business. It is only if one does this that they are able to make informed decision for their business.

It is important that you have a bigger picture. This will keep you going even when your business routine has become monotonous. It is also important that you work really hard until you cannot work anymore. And, once you are tired rest then work some more. It is only by hard work that you will achieve your dreams.

Todd Lubar has established a routine that makes his days productive. He has two kids and strives to take breakfast with them every other day. After that, he takes a few minutes for exercise. Exercise makes him have the energy that he need to go through the day.

Bruce Levenson Expands On The Work Of The Do Good Institute

The Bruce Levenson funded “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland has been growing at a rapid rate over the last few years as students from across the campus are becoming involved in the best possible forms of philanthropy and not for profit leadership. Beginning life as a single school offering ‘Philanthropy 101″ as its only class, the “Do Good Institute” is now well known across the campus as it offers a range of educational options including a major in not for profit leadership.

Not only does the “Do Good Institute” offer a range of options for educating students interested in developing their philanthropic skills, but the goals of the institute include engaging as many students on campus as possible in philanthropic endeavors; by engaging students from across campus in philanthropy the hope is they will remain involved in not for profit programs long into the future. The UCG founder hopes the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland campus will be the first of many that open across the U.S. as the model for education proves an ever increasing success.

Over the course of his life the Forbes listed Bruce Levenson has done much to push forward many good causes, during his decade in charge of the Atlanta Hawks as the public face of the ownership consortium Levenson took part in programs for the Hoop Dreams and Make A Wish foundations. As one of the main donors towards the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. Bruce Levenson has done much to bring attention to the issue of the Holocaust and his own Jewish heritage; Levenson has supported the Jewish Birthright groups and was one of the signatories of a letter to the Israeli Prime Minister calling for a peaceful end to the conflict with Palestine to be sought for the good of both nations.