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Securus Technologies, Committed to Innovative Solutions.

When tragedy strikes, family and friends of the victims are anxious and will want to communicate consistently. The Securus Technologies has realized the importance of maintaining communication between the inmates in Louisiana State Prison and their loved ones. This is as a result of the severe floods being experienced in Louisiana.


In conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LADOC), Securus will give each inmate one free call per day for seven days. It is estimated that Securus will connect more than 250,000 calls in the seven days valued at approximately $300,000. Other than the free calls, the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions will contribute $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at Louisiana Department of Correction.


With 25 years’ experience, Securus Technologies has become the industry leader in providing cutting-edge solutions to corrections agencies, inmates and their loved ones across North America. It started as Tele-Matic Corporation in 1986 and over the years it has merged and acquired other companies offering similar services. In recent years it has acquired CellBlox, an industry leader in the provision of Managed Access Systems, JLG Technologies, a supplier continuous voice biometric analysis and Telerus, a provider of automated interactive voice response system.


Securus Technologies offers public safety solutions regarding emergency response, public information and incident management. The public safety solutions help law enforcement agencies in collecting, visualizing, storing and distributing information in time to support public safety. The investigative solutions cover biometric analysis, data analytics and location-based services. The court appointed communication reporting program, and GPS electronic monitoring are services under the monitoring solutions. Friends and family of incarcerated persons can not only call, but they can visit the inmate from home through video visitations.



Why Goettl Air Conditioning is a Dominant Player in the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry

Having a reliable service provider to render you with the desired services, especially at critical times helps to ward off stress and frustrations. For instance, when an air conditioner breaks down during the summer, the services of reliable repair experts are vital. Goettl Air Conditioning serves as one of the service providers that honors its clients by offering outstanding services as follows:

Air Conditioning Services

Goettl offers a wide range of services in this case including installation, maintenance, and repair work. During the hot summer conditions, residential and commercial customers can call upon Goettl’s cooling services.

Air Quality in Indoor Settings

Goettl also serves individuals with respiratory difficulties in their residence due to the presence of pollutants and contaminants in the air.

Heating Services

During winter, individuals can rest assured that Goettl’s able technicians will address their heating needs. This can be through repair, replacement or installation of heat pumps, in-floor radiant heating systems or furnaces.

Recently, a client of Goettl posted a review on Angieslist regarding the services he or she received from the company. Through the review, it is clear that Goettl’s technicians are highly experienced, knowledgeable, trained and responsive.

Goettl Air Conditioning

Since its inception in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl, Goettl Air Conditioning has cemented its reputation and success in the heating and air conditioning sector. Even after its acquisition by Ken Goodrich, the company has maintained a legacy of prosperity in delivering exceptional customer services.

Goettl leverages the expertise and experience of its team of technicians and managers to provide clients with the best services in the market. Some of its primary services include the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning systems, aqua chills, thermostats, evaporative coolers as well as zone control systems.

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IAP Establishes A Growth Strategy To Increase Market Share Through Acquisition Of New Businesses

IAP Worldwide Services has announced the acquisition of aviation and logistics business owned by DRS Technologies, Inc.’s and the network solutions business owned by Tactical Communication(TCNS). The core services provided by the former include aircraft maintenance, logistics and other support services, and the latter is specialized in engineering, communications and technology support to government agencies such as Department of Defense. The aim of IAP is to integrate the businesses in its core products and services as part of its long-term growth strategy.

According to IAP Worldwide Services CEO, Al Neffgen, IAP has a track record of meeting the needs of its clients especially in emergency and contingency needs of the U.S. military. IAP’s success can be linked to its talented employees who have shown tremendous experience and capability to handle any challenge, especially in hostile places and circumstances. One of the divisions of IAP is the Readiness Management Support (RMS) that played a significant to set up the Afghanistan’s air traffic control system to help the Operation Enduring Freedom.

RMS was contracted by the Air Force Contract Argumentation Program (AFCAP) to complete the project that necessitated a partnership with the U.S. Air Force to design new airways, install and maintain communications equipment for radio coverage on airways. RMS personnel have continued to work with Afghan civil employees to control the Kabul FIR. It is one of the most congested airspaces because of its location on the major air route between South East Asia and Europe.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

IAP boasts of having employees with unique skills, knowledge, and expertise that forms a cohesive whole. The employees exhibit a high level of commitment to the mission only comparable to the best companies in America. IAP is always seeking talented people passionate about working in a challenging environment and who desire to make a difference in the world. The company is made up of people who solve problems for others.

The recent acquisition of two business division is meant to increase capabilities that IAP Worldwide Services delivers to its customers and a strategy that will see the company double the size of its market share. The two business units will be integrated into one unit referred to as Aviation & Engineering Solutions. IAP intends to expand its client base from its primary customer (U.S. Department of Defense) to other agencies and International agencies. The growth strategy is in line with the company strategy established in 2016 based on lean operations, organic growth based on clients’ needs, and innovation in the services segment.

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Venezuelan Assemblyman José Manuel González Thinks His Country’s Inflation Rate Has Reached The Insanity Level

Venezuela is flushing itself down an economic toilet. The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has turned the country into a wasteland even though it sits on the largest oil reserves in the world. But oil is one of the reasons that Venezuela is in this mess in the first place, according to Deputy National Assemblyman José Manuel González. González tried to stop Hugo Chavez when he chose imports over domestic food production during the oil boom years. Chavez had a cash cow at his fingertips, and he spent the cash like a drunken sailor. Chavez did help people raise their standard of living, but he did at the expense of saving money for the future. His handpicked successor, Maduro, was left with empty pockets when the oil business crashed, and he didn’t have the sense to change the economic direction of the country.

González is a well-known entrepreneur in Venezuela, and as Deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico he has the task of trying to bring some semblance of common sense in play when it comes to domestic food production and domestic business support. But Maduro may have tipped the economic scales too far, according to Mr. González. Venezuela’s inflation rate is traveling at warp speed. The current rate of inflation is 773 percent and it’s climbing every day. In one month, food prices rose 30 percent. Even opening the borders so people could find food in Colombia hasn’t helped. Maduro’s 50 percent minimum wage hike, which takes effect in September, is only going to increase inflation, according to González. The wage increase was Maduro’s way of dealing with the opposition that wants to remove him from office.

There is a national rally scheduled in September that will show Maduro that his time is up as president. He said the national petition to remove him is illegal, and some fear he will use the military to squash the rally. If that happens, Venezuela’s only salvation may be a revolution.

Doctor Sergio Cortes Battled Health Crisis Caused By Floods

After heavy flooding in Xerém, Brazil a little over a year ago, Health Secretary Sergio Cortes did a careful survey in the heaviest hit, the city of Duque de Caxias, in Xerém. His investigation after the flooding of the city’s infrastructure, especially around clean drinking water was thorough. He had all the water supplies to the city’s emergency shelters tested. The results were alarming to Dr. Cortes. Tests had found the dangerous water-borne bacteria, leptospirosis, in the taps! After Sergio Cortes recommended that more safe bottled drinking water be brought to the shelters, he issued a public message requiring everyone to only drink bottled water.

Dr. Cortes caused even more bottles of water to be trucked in. This was the great result of his advice to Health Minister Camillo Junqueira. The Minister ordered several more loads to be distributed to all the shelters to cover all needs for hygiene and cooking. Warnings were issued to the public to be careful to disinfect any water, other than bottled water, for the limited future.

The flooding was quite heavy after torrential rains brought the city to a stand-still. As he spoke with flood victims and learned of their immediate needs, he took notes which he later relayed to the health authorities on the scene. He also toured the areas around all of Xerém, which is in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro.

With Cortes’ advisement, the Health Minister upped the number of instant antibiotic injects to over 3,000 units. The good doctor’s main concern with the flood waters causing such biological chaos is contractions of the diseases dengue fever and hepatitis A. He is lesser concerned with, but still planned to educate people, about the possibility of cases of chicken pox and meningitis. These Centers can rehydrate up to 300 flood victims per day. You can read more about Dr. Sergio Cortes during the flood. You can also read Dr. Cortes LinkedIn Shares, and be sure to follow Dr. Sergio Cortes on Twitter.

Recruitment Process at Chopper Trading Company

It is not all the time that the employees of companies get the chance to enjoy the privileges of after work free relaxation time within their workplace. Not all companies carry out a vigorous process of picking the highly qualified staff. At Chopper trading company, owned and founded by Raj Fernando, the process of acquiring employees is unique as there are many factors considered. Chopper Trading Company’s process of hiring workers is the exact opposite of its competitors. The process here is lengthy and aims at acquiring employees who will add value to the firm.

The initial step of getting employees at chopper trading is thorough. It starts by showing the employees the vacancy that is available for them. The company calls the policy “Painting the Picture.’ Here the recruitment team of the company attends the various job fairs. The team comprises, Raj himself, traders, recruiters, top executives, and programmers. After this, the company takes its time in laying out its objectives to the interested employees and the key factors the company is looking for in the employees.

Raj appreciates when people talk during the interview because the interview stage is the backbone of the process of getting the right employees. He also believes that the employees should work at Chopper Trading only if they had a dream of working in a company with similar dealings.

About Raj Fernando

Fernando was born in Denmark in 1971. Fernando migrated to The United States of America and joined Beloit College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and history. Before successfully creating Chopper trading in 2002, he had worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange from 1991 to 2001.

Fernando named the company after his favorite pet. Raj has funded many great political personalities like the current outgoing president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

James Dondero adds a new member to his team

James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management has teamed up with civic leader, Linda Owen. This joining of the two will help expand the philanthropic activities throughout the Dallas, Texas area.

Highland Capital donates over 3 million annually to charities. Those charities are given through The Dallas Foundation, which helps veterans, healthcare projects and education. With James and Linda working together, they see the future bright for the foundation and its charitable causes.

James Dondero started Highland Capital Management with co-founder, Mark Okada, in 1993. This company has become one of the most experienced and largest growing companies of its kind. Its headquarters is located in Dallas and other branches are scattered throughout the world.

James started his career as an analyst with Morgan Guaranty training program after graduating from the University of Virginia with majors in accounting and finances.

James Dondero is a true example how giving back to the community is the right thing to do and his employees at Highland Capital also follow his lead in giving their time to help charitable benefits that go on throughout their communities.

With Dondero and Linda Owen working together, everyone involved feels the future of the charity and foundation activities will be the best it’s ever been.

Highland Capital Management and Dondero knows that finding ways to improve their philanthropic projects and bringing people like Linda Owen on board will be a huge plus for all involved.

Talk Fusion Achieves Greatness in 2016

Recently, Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion was on ABC Action News talking about his company Talk Fusion. This communications industry leader was sharing more information about how it all-one-one video solution is changing the way business is conducted.  Reina was focused on developing a more personal way to stay in touch and the Talk Fusion company was born.

Talk Fusion, a marketing and communications company is now celebrating their ninth year in the communications marketplace. The product behind the scenes is the all-in-one video solution developed by Reina. The total package is marketed as the one solution that any individual or business can use to communicate with others face-to-face without the need for expensive travel. When the economy began to collapse in 2007 many companies began to look at their budget in order to determine what cuts were the easiest to make. One of the first cuts was to limit travel. This is where video conferencing is a big deal for Talk Fusion.

Companies are now using video in newsletters as well as video for their standard email campaigns. The more personal touch is just what the world needs in Reina’s opinion. The bigger the personal connection the more likely it is to do business with someone. This is why video chat is also used on a frequent basis by Talk Fusion customers. Live meetings and signup forms are also enhanced by this area of video communications. Download the free app here.

His way of overcoming this was to create the product himself! You can learn more about Reina and his company Talk Fusion by following this link

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A Man of Many Attributes: Ken Goodgame

In the fields of brand perception and commodity formulation, Kenneth Goodgame is perceived as a man of many attributes. Ken attained a bachelor’s degree in Finance and marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville after which his career journey began. He was first employed as a senior global product merchant by the Home Depot Company in Atlanta from 1994 to 2002. He later on worked for Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, North Carolina as the senior Vice President of marketing, where he instituted national campaigns and facilitated the company’s growth. During his time in Newell Rubbermaid he discovered the modified technology for patented floor mop products which was the greatest achievement of that time.

Kenneth Goodgame was accorded an opportunity to work as the president of direct tools factory outlets for the Tetronic Industries in Anderson where he propelled a new retail sector and escalated sales. As a general merchandising manager at Ace Hardware in Oak Brook, he was in charge of monitoring both profits and losses in global purchasing. It was in 2013 that Goodgame was assigned to the role of Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising officer with the True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago. His vast experience and knowledge in the field has enabled him to select a competent team that assists him in the completion of the company’s duties.

Ken has elevated the True Value Brands to the global level through his exclusive dependence on the customers’ principles, expertise and demands. Notable achievements of his success at True Value include the increased sales from $9 million to $180 million and the increased revenue by $150 million. The number of stores has also increased by a margin of 300% since he started working at the company. In the field of commodity formulation, Goodgame is very resourceful and inventive.

The primary reason for the prevalent success of True Value is Kenneth Goodgame. His determination to overcome every difficulty that the company may face has been resourceful to the company he works for.

Eric Pulier: A Great Contributor To Xprize

Xprize is a foundation that is working to change the future by harnessing ideas put forth by new, young innovators. Heading up the leaders of Xprize are notable individuals like Ariana Huffington, James Cameron, and also Eric Pulier, a man who’s built a lot of IT companies over the years and has helped foster programs for young people. Pulier has been doing this work both in for-profit and non-profit capacities, and he’s helped build some fun social activities for young children who’ve battled illnesses, such as his Starbright World and the Painted Turtle summer camp. But Pulier has done so much more.

Pulier first started becoming interested in computer technology when he was still in middle school, and developed his first computer program when he was only in high school. Pulier also loved to write, and he went to Harvard and studied American and English literature, while at the same time authoring a column in the Harvard Crimson, and taking other classes at MIT. But he went straight into the IT world upon graduating Harvard, and moved to Los Angeles where he first got involved with People Doing Things (PDT), a company that used technology to tackle various social problems.

The first major company he founded was Digital Evolution in 1994, an interactive media software company that changed its name to US Interactive, LLC later on. But he founded several other companies whose products made their way over to cloud computing, and those include Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, and ServiceMesh, which is now owned by the Computer Sciences Corporation.

In addition to the companies he’s founded, he’s been a long time friend of former president Bill Clinton, and serves on Clinton’s Global Initiative. He’s also spoken at some of Al Gore’s Vice Presidential Forums, and was the designer of the Presidential Technology Exhibition’s Bridge to the 21st Century.

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