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James Dondero Appointed To The Southern Medical University’s Executive Board

James Dondero is the newest non-academic appointee to the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business board of executives. He joins 100 other members of the council that convene every winter, fall, and spring to deliberate on the business school’s strategy. He nevertheless, isn’t the only non-academic board executive as the School’s board members are individuals from different walks who have previously or continuously expressed interest in the university operations or supported its endeavors in one way or the other.

By joining the board, James will only be expanding and solidifying his already strong and commitment to SMU that includes the support of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum as well as the Highland Capital Tower Scholars endowment project. Accepting his appointment, James acknowledged the University’s continued role in Dallas as well as in Highland Capital’s advancements. He also expressed his honor in assisting in the University’s initiatives that are currently underway.

The Cox business school was established in1920 in Dallas on the SMU campus and named after Edwin Cox. Like most other business schools around the country, Cox offers a full range of both graduate and undergraduate business courses while remaining an academic center of excellence.

About James Dondero
James is an accomplished entrepreneur, the co-founder, and president of the Highland Capital Management. He has close to three decades of active experience in the alternative investment industry that he used to start and successfully run the nationally acclaimed Highland Capital hedge fund. Under his leadership, Highland Capital has grown from an idea to a successful equity firm with over $16 billion in managed assets. The hedge fund has also expanded its operations to regional markets by opening up offices in China and Latin America.

The recent board appointment to SMU also adds up to the number of boards he sits in different industries. For instance, Dondero is the chairman of the board for NexPoint Residential Trust, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He also sits on several other boards for financial and non-financial corporations such as the Jernigan Capital as well as MGM studios. He is, therefore, all too familiar with board operations and will be bringing this expertise to the SMU’s board.

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John Goullet Changes the Information and Technology Industry

Getting a job in the modern times is not an easy task. Many people are doing whatever they can just to secure a reliable job in the market. However, individuals like John Goullet are working hard to succeed in life and create employment opportunities for other people. John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur, and he has done a lot to build a strong empire. His hard work, dedication, and way of operation have made him one of the most influential individuals in the information technology industry. He is currently a principal at Diversant. Under his leadership, the company has become one of the respected players in the IT staffing department.

Job creation has never been a complicated task, but individuals who are business minded like John Goullet have been able to accomplish so much in the market. John understands the information technology industry perfectly, and he is able to network and develop businesses in the industry.

After completing his education, Goullet decided to join the ever-changing technology department. He first became an IT consultant before changing into the staffing industry. He started a company known as Info Technologies to offer information technology staffing services to the medium sized companies. The company did very well thanks to his extraordinary skills. In less than five years, the organization was recognized in several platforms as one of the fastest growing enterprises that were privately held. The company earned the entrepreneur a lot of revenue too. He, however, decided to sell the institution to Diversant several years ago.

After selling his company to Diversant, John Goullet was nominated to become the principal of the organization. The organization has changed the information and technology world in several ways. Since it is committed to serving the consumers, the institution has managed to come up with several strategies to ensure that the client is always satisfied. The company has done very well too because of offering diversity, a rare feature in the competitive modern market. The institution is able to recruit IT experts, carefully organize them, train them for the competitive ICT market then link them to some of the best employers in the globe.

Gooee’s Impressive IoT Platform

Gooee incorporates a team of experienced lighting and software specialists who put all their efforts in providing exceptional enterprise IoT solutions to the lighting world. The company has the best innovative ideas to ensure that they only offer the best solutions, for lighting and sensing environments. Gooee uses only the best technology to set up a platform that can handle numerous devices and update demands. The company offers the latest in security, APIs, communication protocols and cloud architecture to set up the ideal Gooee Smart Lighting platform.

Inclusive of their extensive services is LED lighting, which they strive to produce only the best quality in the market. However, when it comes to LED lighting, there are a lot of factors to be considered especially on the choice of color. LED bulbs come with the capabilities of displaying many impressive colors, but the most popular ones are soft white and bright white.

When it comes to dimmable lights, at Gooee you will find the best but is crucial to note that not all dimmable LEDS are compatible with traditional dimming switches. In some cases, you will probably have to replace your switch while in others you simply have to find a compatible LED. Also not all light fixtures use LED bulbs, so it is important to know just before buy your LED bulb. By knowing this, you will ensure that your LED bulb will not fizzle out before its time.

Securus Technologies exposes GTL’s misinformation

Anyone that knows Securus Technologies knows that it is a big player in the public safety technology and criminal justice industry. The company has worked with several other companies in the past. Recent information from PR newswire indicates that Securus CEO is going to release information about misconducts performed by GTL. The two companies have worked in the correctional facilities for some time now. GTL is responsible for inmate communication in a few correction facilities. The company has been in operation for the past 18 years. Recent news and information show that the company has engaged in multiple misconducts with regard to its communication services.


The company first released an inaccurate press release targeting the technology giant Securus Technologies. Securus has since defended itself with accurate facts concerning its licenses and patent by several organizations. I personally found it disheartening when a company goes to become dishonest. The dishonest conducts of GTL are multifold and are supposed to be exposed. Securus technologies is thankfully going to release information in the next couple months about GTL. I support Securus Technologies as it tries to make correct wrongdoings performed by several companies in the correction facilities.


Securus Technologies has always offered excellent products and services. I find it a reliable company as it has continued to improve its communication networks. One thing we have to remember is that inmates will finally be able to talk to their inmates without having them going up and showing themselves in prisons. They could just pick a phone and talk to their inmates. This is possible through communication devices installed in the prisons. They will be able to catch up with their families without any much hassles. Securus Technologies has been at the fore front to ensure efficient communication for people in correctional facilities. According to the BBB profile, the company has good rating of A-.



Human Rights Protector Thor Halvorssen

In 2013, the OSLO Freedom Forum was held in Norway bringing together activists from different parts of the world. Chen Guangcheng who was exiled from China together with his wife Yuan Weijing, spoke to Thor Halvorssen.

Thor was advising them. He, for instance, told him to make his relationship with Christian Bale better. Christian had been to China where he negotiated Chen’s freedom. Later, Thor said that it was not his place to dictate whom Chen would be close to. Thor Halvorssen made a suggestion based on Christian’s goodwill towards the plight of Chen.

Thor also has a Human Rights Foundation in New York. The main aim of this foundation is to stand up to regimes, which oppress the people. Advocating for human and civil rights is not an easy task. It especially makes some world leaders uncomfortable knowing that such movements are targeting them. This is why Thor Halvorssen is very careful when speaking about his private life.

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist from Venezuela. He is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum. This annual forum brings together people from different places. Their common interest is in human rights. Other than advocating for human rights, Thor is also a film producer. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

He has made contributions in the fields of civil liberties, public policy, and individual rights. Halvorssen is against any actions like human trafficking and dictatorship that infringe on people’s rights. He is also the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, which is based in Czech. Thor also founded the Moving Picture Institute.

 Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. He was born to a renowned family in the country. Halvorsen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied Political Science and History. He graduated with undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field.

In the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorssen was given the Sol Feinstone Award. He was given this award for advocating for students’ speech. The Romanian leader also gave him a presidential silver medal. The medal was given to him as the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum during the Romanian Revolution anniversary.

Adam Goldenberg’s Company Became The Target Of Many Venture Capital Investors

JustFab has disrupted the fashion landscape with the way it does business, and it’s become an attractive company for venture capital suppliers to invest in. The company was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler back in 2010, an idea of theirs to shake their Intelligent Beauty company up just a little bit, and it’s become a brand that’s got its name out without much advertising. The apparel they produce is very trendy but affordable compared to most of its competitors on Brandettes, and to this day the company has raised over $300 million in venture funds from many capital suppliers including Matrix Partners, Crosscut Ventures, Passport Capital, and others.

When he was 15, he started up Gamer’s Alliance, a company that created an advertising network of video game sites. The digital media company Intermix Media bought Goldenberg’s company, and asked him to join their company. Goldenberg traveled across the country to Los Angeles where he became the youngest chief operating officer on any public traded company while working for Intermix Media. And Adam Goldenberg met Don Ressler who was a savvy brand consultant and had started up The two became friends and helped build several startup at their company.

NewsCorp bought out Intermix Media in 2005, and soon Goldenberg and Ressler left after seeing where the company was going. They started out several other companies under a parent company called Intelligent Beauty, and those companies included Dermstore, Sensa, and Brentwood Cosmetics. They soon began to feel the fashion industry beckoned them, so they pulled together ideas from various employees to startup JustFab. Source:

They used social media as the chief platform for getting the word out, and it paid off handsomely when supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons joined the team and brought millions of twitter followers with her. The company took off when Adam Goldenberg and Ressler built a subscription model into it that had various membership benefits. After JustFab received its initial rounds of venture capital, it started opening up local stores where customers could see the apparel in person, and growing operations to countries overseas. It also started up Fabkids, Fabmen, Fabshoes and its Fabletics brand which actors Oliver and Kate Hudson decided to endorse.

Thor Hlavorssen Fights Human Rights Abuses As A Classical Liberal

One of the major issues Thor Halvorssen has been looking for success is in bringing the oppression of some societies to the attention of the public using any means possible, but his political beliefs are something the Venezuelan born graduate of the University of Pennsylvania does not feel is important to his work.

Thor Halvorssen is quick to point out he feels he is a ‘classical liberal’, but also states politics provide him with little interest as he feels any political group can assist with putting an end to human rights violations around the world. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

According to Huffington Post, Thor Halvorssen is different to the vast majority of human rights activists in the world who have little to no first hand experience of the abuses suffered by people outside western Europe and North America.

The film producer has seen many members of his own family targeted for their political beliefs in his home country of venezuela, and angered many in the human rights community by publicizing the atrocities committed by left leaning governments in Cuba and Venezuela.

Unlike the vast organizations put together by many human rights groups the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen founded has remained limited to around 12 employees who the founder has never asked about their political beliefs.

Halvorssen remains dedicated to a policy of neutrality when it comes to politics, and feels each and every governments should be called to account for human rights abuses committed despite their political leanings.

At the Oslo Freedom Forum Thor Halvorssen co-founded the New York based activist often discusses the use of celebrities to push forward the issues of human rights abuses; Halvorssen states he is simply moving with the times and using the culture of the 21st century to make as many people aware of the issues in closed societies around the world as possible.

Makeup Companies on the Cutting Edge

If you haven’t heard about the newest shades from Lime Crime then please make sure to check them out. Metallic is all the craze right now and this vegan and cruelty free company have delivered with their now new Metallic Matte Velvetine line for lips, and their SuperFoil Duo eye shadows. Fall isn’t only for dark colors, and you’ll definitely shine your way through the cold days ahead with either or both of these two lines. Lime Crime is for those who aren’t afraid to be bold and express themselves. You will find a variety of lines by them that will surely captivate you.

Their Velvetine line was all the rave when it first came out, but now that they’ve launched the Metallic Matte colors for the Velvetine line they are gaining more exposure, and positive reviews. Their newest shades are Happi, Posh, Lana, Mercury, Blondie, and Vibe. The founder and CEO, Doe Deere, recommends using a lip liner darker than the actual shade for more of a pop. There has been plenty of good reviews, one from says, “This lipstick is everything! I kissed my boyfriend 4 times and never had to re-apply. The color is the best part. The matted feel is awesome. It was as if I didn’t have any lipstick on. I have recently bought more of the brand.”

The SuperFoil Duo eye shadow by Lime Crime was launched back in June, but like it’s colors it hasn’t lost it’s luster. Crystal/Halo, Squad/Goals, Miami/Gator, and Lucid/Dream are the shades for this line. You can use them separately or together, either way eyes bold and shiny are sure to stop anyone in their tracks. Deere also schools us on how to get the best results from these dynamic duo shadows. Just pick up some product, spritz with a little water, and you’ll have sparkling and shiny eyes. Lime Crime products are available at a number of sources including their website at Make sure to stop by and make a statement.

Full Cycle Has A New Financial Leader, Sam Tabar


Good leadership skills are quite important when leading any part of a company. At any given time, a company is dependent on the mind that is leading it throughout the day. A company is always welcoming to a person who is capable of taking charge and leading it towards greatness. Someone who is a perfect example of this would be Sam Tabar, a professional financial strategist and a long practicing lawyer. Since his graduation from Columbia Law, Sam has gone on to hold many executive positions at different companies, managing to push them towards new growth and finding a lot of success himself. His latest endeavor with the Full Cycle Energy fund may be capable of actually making the world a better place for people due to his efforts. He currently works as Chief Operating Officer for the company.


Sam has been given the opportunity to work with a great team that is already in place at Full Cycle Energy fund. The staff their are quite happy with him as the COO as well as they know how much knowledge and insight he will be able to provide the company. Because of his exceptional capabilities with finances, Sam should have no problem helping the company achieve their goals.


As indicated by, Sam has a strong background to show off, with impressive performance all across the board. He has been working in finances and business fora very long time within the UK. After earning his degree from one of the top universities in the UK, he went on to earn his law degree from a university in the United States. This is where his career ended up taking off, as he was able to earn and immediate position at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, & Flom, where he worked on the company’s international finances. Ever since, Sam has been highly invested in the financial business, offering a hand to all of those who need expertise in proper investing and asset management.

Madison Street Capital Is A Finalist

Madison Street Capital was recently announced as one of the finalists for the M&A Advisor Awards. This is the 15th year the awards is being held but not the first time Madison Street Capital has reached this level in the prestigious competition.

This award is thought by many to be the highest achievement that can be claimed in the financial industry. Its purpose is to recognize exceptional performance in the realm of financing, restructuring, and dealmaking. It is also meant to be a celebration of the great achievements of financial companies around the globe and its leading professionals.

International and Industrials Deal of the Year, and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year are the 2 categories that Madison Street Capital was nominated for this year. Madison Street Capital was nominated for these awards because of the role it played in mediating the purchase of Acuna & Ascoiados by Dowco this year. Karl D’Cunha was the Managing Directo who took point on this historic deal for Madison Street capital.

Charles Botchway released a statement on the deal. In it, he said that he was very happy to be of assistance to his client Dowco when in its important acquisition.

They take their mission of helping emerging and growing business seriously and do everything in their power to meet their needs and empower them for success.

The recent acquisition was a very complex deal that required the coordination of moving parts across many borders. Madison Street Capital will find out if it is the winner of the two awards for which it was nominated on November, 9th.

Madison Street Capital is a world class international banking and investment company. It holds as its values integrity, leadership, service, and excellence when it comes to handling mergers, financial advisory services, opinions on financial matters, valuation services, acquisition advisement and other matters related to privately and publicly held businesses.

With Madison Street Capital’s help, clients have all they need to become a success in the global marketplace. When the company takes on a new project it accepts the client’s goals and objectives as its own. Madison Street Capital has a bird’s eye view of emerging marketplaces and can see the pieces that drive growth in the global economy.

The company has earned a trustworthy reputation and is thought highly of by clients all around the world.

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