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Richard Dwayne Blair Comes Up With Challenging Plans Without Overwhelming the Client

One of the biggest things about financial improvement is that involves a lot of changes. Sometimes, people are going to make some huge sacrifices. Then there are times that people are going to have to take on big tasks. This can cause them to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, Richard Dwayne Blair does not overwhelm his customers. He understands that sometimes, being overwhelmed is going to cause people to feel discouraged. This can result in them quitting before they got anywhere. However, a lot of people don’t seem to be aware of other options besides quitting. Fortunately, Richard Blair is the type of person who knows how to encourage people.

One thing that Richard Dwayne Blair does when he helps the individual come up with a plan is break it down. People often find themselves making huge goals and then pursue them. The major disadvantage is that they are intimidated by their own goals. eventually give it up. Richard does not want people to give up on their goals. This is why he helps them look at alternatives. These alternate approaches tend to make the project easier for people. He shares them with his clients as a way to help them reach their goals.

One secret that Richard Dwayne Blair shares is getting organized. This is more than just cleaning up a room or straightening up a desk. A better way for one to organize is by looking at the day and breaking down all of the tasks into smaller bits. This can help people go towards their life objectives, especially when they finish one of the tasks. One thing that can be said about organization is that it can help increase one’s confidence. This can also push him in the right direction when it comes to his finances. Given that confidence and smaller successes feed off of each other, organization can put people on the right path to success.

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An up close with William Saito

William Saito is an entrepreneur and invests in tech projects and has over the years learned valuable lessons that have helped him in his career. His began his entrepreneurial journey at an early age while he was still in college.

William Saito discovered he had an interest in computers while still a young boy at ten years old he had already proven to be a potential programmer and this gave him an opportunity to work in a computer programming company. This was a golden opportunity as it helped him sharpen his skills even more.

Once he joined college, William Saito was ready to venture into tech business, and he established a software firm that became a great success. He later sold the company in 2000. Over the years Saito has learnt that failure is necessary to achieve success.

As an entrepreneur, William has discovered one thing that creates a difference between a successful businessperson and one who is not is the willingness to take risks. According to Saito for one to attain success, it is essential to be ready to fail and learn from the situation, this will help you to handle your business with more knowledge.

In a recent interview, we get up close with William Saito and get to understand how he brings his ideas to life and gets insights on his journey in business.

On an average day, William is always interacting with people to find solutions. He is dedicated to coming up with innovations that make a difference in people’s lives all over the world.

William Saito uses the “design thinking” method to make his ideas a reality, according to Saito when you fall early, and fast, and often it ensures that you are moving forward and this thinking has helped William to achieve his ideas.

William Saito attributes his success to understanding that experiencing downfall is a critical player in achieving success, especially when it comes to innovations. Saito also emphasises on the need of teamwork as it helps one to make it during the hard times.

Saito also emphasizes the need to follow your passion, and take one step at a time. As a business person, one thing that William recommends is persistence, even with challenges repeat something over and over again until you emerge a victor. This has significantly being a source of motivation for William as he has managed to succeed in his projects despite the failures.



NGP VAN is helping campaigns for Democrats and progressives

NGP VAN is helping campaigns for Democrats and progressives.

How campaigns are conducted in the United States has dramatically shifted strategies with the passing of time and also the invention and application of new forms of campaigns. Today, the success of a candidate in an election campaign depends on big data and the technology and the experts that back them. One of the most significant elections in the history of America is the Obama election into office in the year 2008 and his reelection in the year 2012. The campaign in the year 2008 clearly showed how the winds had shifted from political campaigns being a labor-intensive venture to a venture that has focused on technology for a candidate to identify and connect with their voters. Campaigns through electronic platforms have been enhanced due to the technological advancements regarding the internet and other gadgets related to it. The credit for the consecutive wins of the presidential election by Barack Obama in the year 2008 and 2012 are attributed to the relentless efforts of NGP VAN. NGP VAN was established in the year 1997 as the Voter Activation Network and has functioned to provide the Democrats with campaigns that demand a lot of technological involvement. The organization had proved to be one that delivers results following the 2012 elections when Barack Obama won the votes while his competitor Mitt Romney was met with technological difficulties on election day. The functionality of the web and other entities change from a day to day basis, and it is mandatory that NGP VAN stays ahead of the trending updates to stay ahead of their competition. NGP VAN has a team of experts dealing with technical, mechanical and analytical aspects of the web about campaigns and this has been among their magnets of success in election campaigns in the recent past. Also, NGP VAN has linked up with web startups to enhance the process of advocacy from the grassroots. Hustle is an excellent example of a startup website that integrated with NGP VAN, and this move will improve more data for Democrats and progressives meaning that personalized texts can be sent from Hustle using a list obtained from NGP VAN to reach out to voters. The software that has been designed by NGP VAN will go a long way in transforming the fate of those running for House and Senate in the year 2018.

Ugandan Seniors Provided With Free Eye Examinations By Sightsavers

The Ugandan government is helping with an initiative that will provide free eye examinations for its citizens that are 65 years of age or older. And if needed, the program allows for these older citizens to be referred for medication or surgery to treat serious eye conditions like cataracts and trachoma.

The initiative began in the latter part of May and is a collaborative effort between the non-profit Sightsavers, along with its partners, and the Expanded Social Protection Program of the Ugandan government. The program targets Ugandans over the age of 65 due to the fact that this group has been identified as being most susceptible to diseases of the eye.

Johnson Ngorok, the director for Sightsavers Uganda, says that the effort has been effective at meeting the needs of Uganda’s population most in need if the services. Ngorok went on to express his gratitude for the Diamond Jubilee Trust of Queen Elizabeth and other aid from the United Kingdom that has made it possible for thousands of Ugandan citizens to receive life-changing treatment for eye disorders.

The ESP program in Uganda has been in place since 2010 and is operated by the Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development. The program receives support from United Kindom Aid as well as Irish Aid. The goal of the program is to reduce age-related poverty by providing a modest pension known in Uganda as the senior citizen’s grant to Ugandan’s 65 years of age and older. The age limit is lowered to 60 in the country’s poorest region of Karamoja.

Stephen Kasaija is the top man of the ESP program and says that the targeted population of the program is extremely vulnerable to the effects of disease and disability. He says that future efforts of the ESP program will center around the exploration of partnerships that will provide beneficiaries of the program access to services for the disabled. Kasaija says that the Sightsavers organization is sure to be a large part of these future plans.

Dr. Astrid Bonfield, who is the Chief Executive of the Queen Elizabeth Trust, is thankful to the governments of both the UK and Uganda for helping to bring quality healthcare to the region and stopping in its tracks diseases like trachoma that has unnecessarily blinded so many people. Bonfield also expressed his gratitude for the Sightsavers organization.

Advertising Media House- NewsWatch

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo has been of a great benefit to Avanca. Avanca used the Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for their new product Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC. The firm had planned to conduct a campaign which ran for 30 days and to realize their goal and have money to give to the company, Avanca sort to get NewsWatch advertisement services. NewsWatch took the task and created a segment on both their television show as well as their online channel which was aired for 30 days. After 30 days the results were evident as the company was able to exceed their goal by raising $ 456551 which is equivalent to about 2939% and 29 times more than what they had planned.

Avanca’s Marketing Director Nathaniel Van Wijkvliet was glad about what NewsWatch helped to achieve and according to him it was great working with NewsWatch and he highly recommends the media company. The Avanca segment on NewsWatch television reached a wide range of views who are marketers as well as households. According to a report more than 200 United States of America marketers and 96 million households received and watched the segment. On the NewsWatch online channels more than 1 million opinions.

NewsWatch is a media company which operates in the United States with their Head Offices located in Washington D.C. The media house can also be described as an award-winning media organization. The media group began airing in 1992 with their main focus being financial news. Within a short period, the group expanded their operations and even the news they aired. It focused on a broad range of issues including medical news, breaking government news, political news, traffic news, celebrity news, as well as public service’s announcement. NewsWatch has other operational offices located in Denver, New York as well as Fairfax, VA. Bridge Communication is the owner and also runs all NewsWatch operations.

Waiakea Water: Responsibly Sourcing Healthy Water

In 2012, Ryan Emmons decided to take his love of nature and his desire to preserve the environment and created a bottled water company called Waiakea. Emmons originally had the idea for Waiakea while at a family member’s home, which was near the base of a volcano, as well as a water source with incredibly clean and fresh tasting water. Emmons noticed the volcanic water benefits and after he had finished college formed his company, Waiakea. He was excited about the notion of a natural, pure and sustainable water source.

Waiakea Water is one of many bottled water companies on the market today, but it has some different attributes to set it apart. The company prides itself on its conservation efforts, which include using one hundred percent RPET bottles, participating in reforestation, using low emission shipping methods and of course responsibly sourcing the water that is bottled. In 2015, Waiakea was one of the prominent beverages in North America.

Waiakea Water is an alkaline water, having a pH of 8.2, while 7 is neutral. This natural alkalinity gives the water a naturally sweet taste which is attractive to those athletes who are accustomed to sports drinks. The Hawaii volcanic water Waiakea uses is naturally alkaline and is filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Waiakea is sourced in an area of Hawaii that rains a majority of the year, making it not only healthy, but also sustainable. When filtering through the volcanic rock, the water absorbs minerals like calcium and magnesium. The Waiakea water pH and its mineral content can help people with conditions such as acid reflux, promote hydration and possibly delay cognitive issues associated with aging.

Emmons and his company of Waiakea Water has created a healthy and fantastic tasting beverage that is sourced from natural and sustainable sources. The natural filtration system they take advantage of is not only good for those consuming the water, but is a responsible way to conserve the environment. Waiakea Water is a pioneer in the bottled water industry, using innovative and yet sustainable ways to create their popular product.

Academy of Art University Graduate Recognized at This Year’s Oscars

Alumni from the Academy of Art University were recently recognized for their artistic contributions to the hit animated Disney film. The Oscars are the world’s most recognized film and animation awards, earning one is incredibly difficult, so for any creative, this is considered a career changing occurrence. The film Coco received multiple awards at the 2018 ceremony, and it was due in part to the work of a student that graduated from the Academy of Art University. Successes like this for a university are a great point of pride.

San Francisco’s Academy of Art University exists to prepare, guide, inspire, and train students in the creative fields of design, the arts, and artistic communications. There are so many fields, careers, and niches that students can delve into once they have followed a program that helps them build the skills needed to excel. Art is a very personal and individual field, but the University believes that through disciplined studies, students can better develop their own sense of self through their art.

The learning, living, and community environment at the Academy of Art University is unique because of the urban, but still collaborative setting its created for students to thrive and grow. Students, professors, and professionals all work together throughout a student’s education in order to introduce students to the industries they are interested in basing their careers in. The collaborative communities benefit students further through the need to often work and create art with outside influences or parameters that most creatives will undoubtedly face in their own careers. Finally, the university puts a lot of focus and effort into the study of ethics that surrounds art, creative design, as well as the practical areas of ethics that students will need to familiarize themselves with as they build businesses and establish themselves in the industry.



Malcolm CasSelle was born on 22nd March 1970 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. He is graduate of the University of Stanford where he pursued a degree in computer science in Massachusetts Institute of technology. He speaks both Mandarin and Japanese.

Malcolm is the current premier of Worldwide Asses eXchange commonly known as WAX and Chief Information Officer of OPSkins, the leading marketplace for purchasing and selling an item from online video gaming. He initially served as Chief Technology Officer and president at tronc. He ensured rapid progress properties leveraging figure assets. Malcolm was General Manager and SVP of Ordinal Media at SeaChange company which developed his corporation Timeline Laboratories since he was Chief Executive Officer. This rendered him a prominent solution on behalf of companies to display, discover and measure pleasing content grounded on societal signaling. He formerly led the launch in the ordinal diligence comprising MediaPass which is a foremost digital recompense elucidation to main media syndicates, Groupon’s joint, Xfire and a pluckier shared 22M’s network.

Malcolm has been a prominent investor in Zynga, Facebook and recently Bitcoin-related enterprises among others. He is one of the founder member and the Chief Executive Officer at Pacific Century CyberWorks a visibly operated telecom centered in Hong Kong. During his vacation, he helped in mounting billions for PCCW’s civic donation and millions for further isolated transactions. According to his workmates and partners, Malcolm is a great professional team performer and very conversant in many arenas including Sales schemes, East/Western philosophy and a venture center.

OPSkin is the number one bitcoin merchant in the sphere. With a globe following of operators who often make cross-border micropayments, the concern is a major entrant regarding the market scope and user plea for the distributed protocol. Within a presently simulated asset trading network a hotchpotch of local and provincial market spaces that are thwarted at the start because of disbursement processing, dialectal and safety concerns that incline to confine most to their republics or region are sorted.

The WAX podium enables operators to tokenize their gaming properties and promptly buy and sell gaming resources from other performers without snapping off other players.


Roberto Santiago Is One Of The Greatest Visionary Entrepreneurs Of His Time

Domus Hall is one of the biggest concert halls located in João Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba. November of 2016 marks the seven year anniversary of fun for visitors and locals in the city. The entrepreneur responsible for this amazing concert hall is none other than Roberto Santiago.


It is not a coincidence that Domus Hall was built on the rooftop of the biggest commercial center in Paraiba. The Manaira Shopping center is near the beautiful beaches of João Pessoa’s north coast and Robert Santiago is both the creator and the owner of this mall. The inauguration of the concert hall took place on November 7th of 2009. The debut band for the exciting event was the sertaneja Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano. Their debut featured a great sound insulation system and updated sound equipment.


Domus Hall is known as the house of shows and was designed to be extremely large. The shape is reminiscient of a nightclub with a lot of space. This size make the hall the perfect place for musical shows. The hall consists of two floors. The mezzanine has both private and single cabins capable of housing ten people, dressing room access and lounge music. The bottom level can be used for tables and chairs depending on the specifics of the event.


Roberto Santiago designed Domus Hall to enable either ten thousand individuals to stand or four thousand people to be seated. He is a visionary entrepreneur with a goal of attracting a wide variety of top international and national artists to João Pessoa. This includes many musical styles including sertanejo, axé, samba, reggae, rock, MBP and rap. There have already been numerous singers known for expression appearing on the stage of Domus Hall. This includes the popular Seu Jorge, Jorge Mário da Silva and Ana Carolina.


Roberto Santiago also made Domus Hall available for weddings, private events, stand ups, graduations, presentations and fairs. The hall is available Monday through Saturday from 10am to 10pm and from 1pm to 10pm on Sundays.


In addition to Domus Hall Roberto Santiago owns the Mangabeira Shopping and Manaíra Shopping malls. He made certain both malls were well engineered as well as modern. The Manaíra Shopping mall opened their doors in 1989. The Mangabeira Shopping mall is a little bit more current and did not open until close to the end of 2014. João Pessoa has experienced social and economic development due to these two malls. As more and more companies are becoming attracted to the area the value of the surrounding buildings have increased in value.


Roberto Santiago stands out in the business sector. He has an innate ability to see the best of opportunities making him famous as a visionary entrepreneur.


Sheldon Lavin’s Community Service Award Accomplishments

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman of OSI Industries and its subsidiaries was presented the Edward C. Jones award for community service several years ago because his outreach extended beyond making billions in the meat processing industry to supporting philanthropy in OSI Industries’ communities. The main organization that Lavin presides over is the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a scholarship and healthcare wing of the McDonald’s Corporation, but he’s also a sponsor of the Chicago Inner City Foundation, the Jewish United Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Boys & Girls Club. Lavin has been proud to support the communities OSI Industries operates in, and he believes the company is about greater things than just meat production.

Sheldon Lavin had his beginnings in investment banking and making deals between big companies such as mergers and acquisitions and debt restructuring. But after he established his own consulting firm, he was asked by the owners of Otto & Sons meat market to help them get a loan for a new high volume meat plant. In the process of acquiring the loan and offering financial advice to Otto & Sons, Lavin was asked if he’d consider becoming an owner in the company. He initially said no because he didn’t know much about the food industry, and he wanted to remain in financial consulting. But he did continue to work with the company in more deals and also giving its owners advice on how to manage their growth investments. Later on Lavin had a change of heart and agreed to become Chairman and CEO of the company and buy the owner’s shares when the current owners of Otto & Sons retired.

In 1978, Lavin had the company’s name changed to OSI Industries because it was now building factories not only across the US, but also into new countries like Brazil and Germany and today it now has over 55 plants in 17 different countries. The company has made its beef and chicken products the center of its operations, but it’s also acquired several produce farms and added vegetable and baked goods to its portfolio. The companies Lavin has made partnerships with include OSI China, Select Ready Foods in Canada, Flagship Europe in the UK and Baho Food in the Netherlands. But even with these big acquisitions, Lavin has kept OSI Industries running like a family company and he views its most important mission as adding jobs to the regions it expands into, and every company OSI has acquired has seen very little turnover as a result of the acquisition.

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