As Demi Lovato Debuts: Can you successfully compete with Fabletics?

Fabletics is an online women attire company that came into existence less than five years ago. However, its mere existence has sent ripples of fear down Amazon’s spine. In its few years of operation under Kate Hudson’s leadership, the brand has been able to take Amazon head on successfully. Presently, it is one the best online shopping platform that sells female clothing. The journey to success has not been an easy one. Apart from sheer luck and determination, the company has made use of the reverse showroom technique, a methodology that maximizes its efforts on winning over customers. So far, the model has been successful and has built Fabletics into a two hundred and fifty million dollar empire. Apart from strategy, Fabletics is under the management of a robust team of executives all of whom happen to be fashionable. Working alongside a person like Demi Lovato, Kate has been able to bring quality and fashion to her clients.


Although Demi is relatively new to the Fabletics brand, she has brought with her years of skill and talent as well as an unequaled following based on her singing career. To this end, she has been able to come up with the athleisure collection. Demi’s journey to Fabletics is absorbing. She started out as a Fabletics customer, met Kate Hudson at the gym and later on became workout wear designing partners. Since she was young, Demi Lovato has always wanted to create beautiful outfits from fabric, but she never had a person to guide her. However, her encounter with Hudson at the gym made her take up the opportunity of being part of the Fabletics brand without much delay. Lovato’s designs are not only trendy but also comfortable. Thus, a client can enjoy glamour during fitness and body exercise since the gym wear also comes engraved with likable slogans. It is because of the combination of athletics and a feeling of leisure in Demi’s designs that the term athleisure trend came into being.


With her large social media following, Demi Lovato has introduced many customers around the globe to Fabletics. So far, Fabletics items are the most preferred when it comes to gym fashion. Items coming from Fabletics are not only made from quality materials but are also durable. Besides, these gears are manufactured from the latest designs in fashion, usually after months of research on a particular symmetry. Also, the wear is easily customizable at the client’s discretion, and this is one of the reasons as to why customers are pleased with Fabletics. Fabletics customer service remains unmatched. Consumer grievances can always happen through the company’s website, and the support team is always ready to give assistance whenever it can. Since Fabletics always appreciates its customers, it provides customized products to clients that have been most loyal to the brand. Finally, Fabletics makes use of physical as well as online shops. In so doing, they create convenience since many people today prefer to shop for items through the internet as opposed to walking into a corner store. Thus, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is at its best, now more than ever.

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