Academy of Art University Graduate Recognized at This Year’s Oscars

Alumni from the Academy of Art University were recently recognized for their artistic contributions to the hit animated Disney film. The Oscars are the world’s most recognized film and animation awards, earning one is incredibly difficult, so for any creative, this is considered a career changing occurrence. The film Coco received multiple awards at the 2018 ceremony, and it was due in part to the work of a student that graduated from the Academy of Art University. Successes like this for a university are a great point of pride.

San Francisco’s Academy of Art University exists to prepare, guide, inspire, and train students in the creative fields of design, the arts, and artistic communications. There are so many fields, careers, and niches that students can delve into once they have followed a program that helps them build the skills needed to excel. Art is a very personal and individual field, but the University believes that through disciplined studies, students can better develop their own sense of self through their art.

The learning, living, and community environment at the Academy of Art University is unique because of the urban, but still collaborative setting its created for students to thrive and grow. Students, professors, and professionals all work together throughout a student’s education in order to introduce students to the industries they are interested in basing their careers in. The collaborative communities benefit students further through the need to often work and create art with outside influences or parameters that most creatives will undoubtedly face in their own careers. Finally, the university puts a lot of focus and effort into the study of ethics that surrounds art, creative design, as well as the practical areas of ethics that students will need to familiarize themselves with as they build businesses and establish themselves in the industry.


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