A Closer Look At Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has many titles to his name which include columnist, humanitarian, great speaker, entrepreneur, author as well as an originator of many different multi-million organizations. He exudes confidence when it come to setting benchmarks and is passionate when it comes to helping others. Part of the organizations that he has founded and assisted in establishing include US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Akana, Enterprising Cloud Leadership Council, Media Platform, Desktone and TM Forum. Eric Pulier has managed to accumulate lots of wealth through these organizations and still has plans of penetrating other new markets. He has the ability to identify new opportunities in the markets and how to make profits out of them.

Born and raised in New Jersey, United States, Eric Pulier has always posses a natural insight, uncommon among many kids. He studied computer programming while in school and always dreamt of making it a career one day. After finishing high school, Eric Pulier started a database PC organization. He later went to study at the Harvard University and continued doing things other than programming. While at the university, Eric started writing for the Harvard Newspaper and went on to become an established writer. Terrorism was one of the topics that he wrote while at the university. Eric Pulier has earned a reputation as an extraordinary entrepreneur who is talented in many fields.

For a long time, Eric Pulier has been in the forefront fighting chronic related conditions. He works hard to ensure that there is eradication of chronic diseases and that their spread is stopped. Eric Pulier is involved with an organization known as Painted Turtle which he offers both his resources and time. The organization normally takes care of children suffering from constant illnesses. He also serves as a board member of the Painted Turtle. Eric Pulier is also actively involved with Starbright World, an organization supporting people with special necessities. He is known as a great philanthropist who is committed to giving back to the society, particularly to the most vulnerable. Through his expertise and experience, he has managed to establish chatting platforms that can be used by children who are disadvantaged.

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