Freedom Debt Relief helps victims of financial and natural disasters

Being in debt affects the personal, social and professional life of an individual , however often people find that they are in debt due to factors beyond their control, and unable to repay the debt. Using the services of a debt settlement company like Freedom Debt Relief have helped many individuals, and could help you with your debt problems. With more than a decade of experience in debt relief Freedom Debt Relief works closely with the person in debt, giving financial advice, and negotiating with the creditors, and providing customized solutions. More than four hundred thousand customers have availed of their services.

The professional and support staff at ,Freedom Debt Relief will do a detailed review of the financial status of the debtor and will provide advice on the various options available to get rid of the debt like refinancing using cash, hidden costs related to debt which could be eliminated or minimized. As the interest rates for secured loans is lower compared to credit cards, the person have some assets like a home, will be able to take a secured loan at a lower interest rate to pay off the debt and become debt free. Freedom Debt Relief will also advise the debtor on the pros and cons of the other options for getting rid of debt, like bankruptcy and do it yourself .

The testimonials of their satisfied customers are an indication of the high quality professional services and effectiveness of Freedom Debt Relief .The debt settlement company is also reputed for its help to local communities support the local girls and boys youth club. They also help poor children who are critically ill, and do not have sufficient funds for medical treatment. The parent company of Freedom Debt Relief, Freedom Financial Network, established the Freedom Financial Charitable Foundation, which offers grants to nonprofit organizations locally, providing critical help. The foundation also recently donated more than $100,000 to various organization for helping Hurricane Harvey recovery.

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