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Academy of Art University Graduate Recognized at This Year’s Oscars

Alumni from the Academy of Art University were recently recognized for their artistic contributions to the hit animated Disney film. The Oscars are the world’s most recognized film and animation awards, earning one is incredibly difficult, so for any creative, this is considered a career changing occurrence. The film Coco received multiple awards at the 2018 ceremony, and it was due in part to the work of a student that graduated from the Academy of Art University. Successes like this for a university are a great point of pride.

San Francisco’s Academy of Art University exists to prepare, guide, inspire, and train students in the creative fields of design, the arts, and artistic communications. There are so many fields, careers, and niches that students can delve into once they have followed a program that helps them build the skills needed to excel. Art is a very personal and individual field, but the University believes that through disciplined studies, students can better develop their own sense of self through their art.

The learning, living, and community environment at the Academy of Art University is unique because of the urban, but still collaborative setting its created for students to thrive and grow. Students, professors, and professionals all work together throughout a student’s education in order to introduce students to the industries they are interested in basing their careers in. The collaborative communities benefit students further through the need to often work and create art with outside influences or parameters that most creatives will undoubtedly face in their own careers. Finally, the university puts a lot of focus and effort into the study of ethics that surrounds art, creative design, as well as the practical areas of ethics that students will need to familiarize themselves with as they build businesses and establish themselves in the industry.



Malcolm CasSelle was born on 22nd March 1970 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. He is graduate of the University of Stanford where he pursued a degree in computer science in Massachusetts Institute of technology. He speaks both Mandarin and Japanese.

Malcolm is the current premier of Worldwide Asses eXchange commonly known as WAX and Chief Information Officer of OPSkins, the leading marketplace for purchasing and selling an item from online video gaming. He initially served as Chief Technology Officer and president at tronc. He ensured rapid progress properties leveraging figure assets. Malcolm was General Manager and SVP of Ordinal Media at SeaChange company which developed his corporation Timeline Laboratories since he was Chief Executive Officer. This rendered him a prominent solution on behalf of companies to display, discover and measure pleasing content grounded on societal signaling. He formerly led the launch in the ordinal diligence comprising MediaPass which is a foremost digital recompense elucidation to main media syndicates, Groupon’s joint, Xfire and a pluckier shared 22M’s network.

Malcolm has been a prominent investor in Zynga, Facebook and recently Bitcoin-related enterprises among others. He is one of the founder member and the Chief Executive Officer at Pacific Century CyberWorks a visibly operated telecom centered in Hong Kong. During his vacation, he helped in mounting billions for PCCW’s civic donation and millions for further isolated transactions. According to his workmates and partners, Malcolm is a great professional team performer and very conversant in many arenas including Sales schemes, East/Western philosophy and a venture center.

OPSkin is the number one bitcoin merchant in the sphere. With a globe following of operators who often make cross-border micropayments, the concern is a major entrant regarding the market scope and user plea for the distributed protocol. Within a presently simulated asset trading network a hotchpotch of local and provincial market spaces that are thwarted at the start because of disbursement processing, dialectal and safety concerns that incline to confine most to their republics or region are sorted.

The WAX podium enables operators to tokenize their gaming properties and promptly buy and sell gaming resources from other performers without snapping off other players.


Roberto Santiago Is One Of The Greatest Visionary Entrepreneurs Of His Time

Domus Hall is one of the biggest concert halls located in João Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba. November of 2016 marks the seven year anniversary of fun for visitors and locals in the city. The entrepreneur responsible for this amazing concert hall is none other than Roberto Santiago.


It is not a coincidence that Domus Hall was built on the rooftop of the biggest commercial center in Paraiba. The Manaira Shopping center is near the beautiful beaches of João Pessoa’s north coast and Robert Santiago is both the creator and the owner of this mall. The inauguration of the concert hall took place on November 7th of 2009. The debut band for the exciting event was the sertaneja Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano. Their debut featured a great sound insulation system and updated sound equipment.


Domus Hall is known as the house of shows and was designed to be extremely large. The shape is reminiscient of a nightclub with a lot of space. This size make the hall the perfect place for musical shows. The hall consists of two floors. The mezzanine has both private and single cabins capable of housing ten people, dressing room access and lounge music. The bottom level can be used for tables and chairs depending on the specifics of the event.


Roberto Santiago designed Domus Hall to enable either ten thousand individuals to stand or four thousand people to be seated. He is a visionary entrepreneur with a goal of attracting a wide variety of top international and national artists to João Pessoa. This includes many musical styles including sertanejo, axé, samba, reggae, rock, MBP and rap. There have already been numerous singers known for expression appearing on the stage of Domus Hall. This includes the popular Seu Jorge, Jorge Mário da Silva and Ana Carolina.


Roberto Santiago also made Domus Hall available for weddings, private events, stand ups, graduations, presentations and fairs. The hall is available Monday through Saturday from 10am to 10pm and from 1pm to 10pm on Sundays.


In addition to Domus Hall Roberto Santiago owns the Mangabeira Shopping and Manaíra Shopping malls. He made certain both malls were well engineered as well as modern. The Manaíra Shopping mall opened their doors in 1989. The Mangabeira Shopping mall is a little bit more current and did not open until close to the end of 2014. João Pessoa has experienced social and economic development due to these two malls. As more and more companies are becoming attracted to the area the value of the surrounding buildings have increased in value.


Roberto Santiago stands out in the business sector. He has an innate ability to see the best of opportunities making him famous as a visionary entrepreneur.