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Sheldon Lavin’s Community Service Award Accomplishments

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman of OSI Industries and its subsidiaries was presented the Edward C. Jones award for community service several years ago because his outreach extended beyond making billions in the meat processing industry to supporting philanthropy in OSI Industries’ communities. The main organization that Lavin presides over is the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a scholarship and healthcare wing of the McDonald’s Corporation, but he’s also a sponsor of the Chicago Inner City Foundation, the Jewish United Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Boys & Girls Club. Lavin has been proud to support the communities OSI Industries operates in, and he believes the company is about greater things than just meat production.

Sheldon Lavin had his beginnings in investment banking and making deals between big companies such as mergers and acquisitions and debt restructuring. But after he established his own consulting firm, he was asked by the owners of Otto & Sons meat market to help them get a loan for a new high volume meat plant. In the process of acquiring the loan and offering financial advice to Otto & Sons, Lavin was asked if he’d consider becoming an owner in the company. He initially said no because he didn’t know much about the food industry, and he wanted to remain in financial consulting. But he did continue to work with the company in more deals and also giving its owners advice on how to manage their growth investments. Later on Lavin had a change of heart and agreed to become Chairman and CEO of the company and buy the owner’s shares when the current owners of Otto & Sons retired.

In 1978, Lavin had the company’s name changed to OSI Industries because it was now building factories not only across the US, but also into new countries like Brazil and Germany and today it now has over 55 plants in 17 different countries. The company has made its beef and chicken products the center of its operations, but it’s also acquired several produce farms and added vegetable and baked goods to its portfolio. The companies Lavin has made partnerships with include OSI China, Select Ready Foods in Canada, Flagship Europe in the UK and Baho Food in the Netherlands. But even with these big acquisitions, Lavin has kept OSI Industries running like a family company and he views its most important mission as adding jobs to the regions it expands into, and every company OSI has acquired has seen very little turnover as a result of the acquisition.

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David Giertz Urges Financial Advisers To Talk Social Security With Your Clients

As a financial adviser are you speaking to your clients about Social Security as a part of their retirement plan? To many advisers that would only make common sense but come to find out, according to David Giertz, too many advisers are not and it may be costing them clients and their clients money.

David Giertz has over 30 years experience in the financial services field. After receiving his MBA from the University of Miami, Fl entered into the financial services industry. In 1999 he joined Nationwide as a regional Vice President after beginning his career with Citigroup where he spent 10 years as a financial advisor. With many major successes and accomplishments over his career his most recent achievement was taking Nationwide’s operating revenues from $11 Billion dollars to $17.8 Billion dollars profits.

Recently he sat down with the Wall Street Journal for an interview on the topic of retirement and Social Security, here’s what he had to share with you.

Most financial advisors are not speaking with their clients enough about Social Security and here’s why they should be. The results of a recent survey of retirees and people within 10 years of retirement by Nationwide found that most people are saying their advisors are not talking to them about Social Security and they were not happy about it. To the point that 4 out of 5 of those surveyed said they would change advisors if they were not discussing Social Security with them.

David Giertz believes this is happening due to what a complex topic it can be. The handbook for Social Security has 2700 rules and understanding and having confidence in regards to all those rules can be discouraging to advisors. In addition to risk losing clients by not discussing it with them is in some cases Social Security can be up to 40% of a client’s retirement portfolio. Another factor is some clients that turn on Social Security too early could lose up to $300,000.00 over a 25 year period during their retired years. Quite a substantial sum of money.

ClassDojo Is Now Much Safer For Users

There may not be any completely foolproof way to secure user privacy online, but there are steps that can be taken to safeguard data as much as possible. That’s what ClassDojo has done with each new version that’s come out. This app is basically a classroom communication app that’s taken a lot of ideas from the Facebook model but made them education-friendly and is still growing today. Its biggest accomplishment has been making sure user data is protected and not available to data mining companies. Many social media brands and Google have come under fire for selling user data to advertisers, but ClassDojo has been transparent about making sure it never happens with their app. And they’ve added additional security layers to make sure it’s less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

ClassDojo has amassed over $30 million in venture capital and it’s become very popular at public schools all over the US. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don got the idea for it back in 2010 when they visited the US on a grad student trip to get ideas for a new app they wanted to develop. They felt education was lacking real solutions in the technology age, so they asked teachers at a convention what they thought could be done to help them. The first solution was an app that could give out points to students every time they behaved well in class, did their homework and participated in discussions. But Chaudhary and Don realized this app could do a lot more than that.

Chaudhary and Don turned their ClassDojo app into a big success because they listened to user reviews and input on how it could become even better. They not only added more communication features but also teamed with an educational foundation from Stanford to put together student growth videos with educational characters. ClassDojo has allowed teachers to be in constant contact with parents that it’s become a replacement for parent-teacher meetings. The app is free to download and it’s stayed cost-effective for its development team because it spends no money on advertising costs. The app could be rolling out new optional premium content soon.

SENS Foundation research work supported by Jason Hope

The SENS Research Foundation is an organization that develops a cure for aging diseases by applying biotechnology solutions. SENS holds a conference every year to discuss emerging issues in the field of biotechnology. The attendees of the conference discuss how they can develop drugs that will combat negative effects of aging. Aging is associated with numerous diseases that affect human beings at a critical stage of their life. The conference is attended by many experts from all over the world. They give their opinions regarding various approaches which would lead to the development of drugs that cure old age diseases. Most of the ideas that are discussed in the conference relate to diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer and cellular damage.

SENS Research Foundation aims at growing the rejuvenation biotechnology industry that will facilitate the development of solutions for human needs. SENS Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization which is supported by well-wishers who believe in the programs that they run. Entrepreneur Jason hope is one of the biggest supporters of this group. He is an advocate of biotechnology solution for human problems. He hopes that SENS work will result in eradication of old age diseases.

In 2010, Jason Hope offered SENS $500,000 in donations. The funds have been used to develop laboratories for research as well as initiating new programs. Jason Hope saw the innovativeness of this group and believed that they could develop drugs to fight old age diseases. SENS was interested in a cure for degenerative diseases that weaken the human body and making it susceptible to diseases such as cancer. Jason Hope believes that the world would be a much better place if old age diseases were cured.

SENS Research Foundation has set precedence in the biotechnology industry by advocating for advanced research which will lead to a milestone in the treatment of human diseases. Cases of old age diseases are too many lately, and only research-oriented strategies can lead to the development of anti-aging drugs.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an expert on matters of technology. He has been researching about technological advancements and advising people on what to do to align their objectives in life with technology. Jason Hope is a holder of MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business.

Jason hope is also known for his expertise on the Internet of things technology. He has been advocating for people and businesses to prepare themselves for the Internet of Things which is a technology that will be disruptive in many ways.

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