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Sujit Choudhry’s Impact on the Law World

Recently, Sujit Choudhry joined some of the top experts in the world in Kiev, Ukraine to discuss the semi-presidential system of government in Ukraine along with some of the changes their constitution will undergo. Choudhry is a successful law professor at the University of California Berkley. He also serves as the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is very knowledgeable in government affairs.

The Center of Policy and Legal Reform was the host of this meeting. The International IDEA, a world wide governmental organization that supports democracy, was also a host of this workshop. All these experts met with one thing in mind: Improving Ukraine government. Choudhry himself was very into the meeting. He was quoted as saying, “It was a privilege to meet with some of the top researchers and constitutional experts.” Choudhry acknowledge that the Ukraine democracy has been quite unstable for sometime. The more than twenty year failure is the result of weak political parties, and the separation of powers between the Prime Minister and President.

A successful lawyer, Sujit Choudhry has an amazing resume. He holds law degrees from from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He has served as Dean at Berkley School of Law. (   Throughout his career he has worked as the the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University and also served as the scholl chair at the University of Toronto. His knowledge of both law and politics have earned him respect across the world. He has spoken in more than twenty countries including Egypt,South Africa, Nepal and Sri Lanka (

As of today, Choudhry has published nearly one-hundred articles. This list includes, but is not limited to, The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, Constitution Making and The Migration of Constitutional Ideas. Click for related reading.   Some of his other notable accomplishments include being the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions and co-leading several global collaborative research projects. Suit Choudhry clearly has made an amazing impact on the world of law and politics. With his amazing track record, he is sure to continue making his presence felt for many more years to come (

Eric Lefkofsky: Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian

If you haven’t already heard of Eric Lefkofsky, he is a serial entrepreneur and the Co-founder of Groupon, a tremendously successful e-commerce business with operations in 28 different countries. Although Groupon is the brand most commonly associated with Lefkofsky, he has also launched several other successful companies including Media Ocean, Innerworkings, Echo Global Logistics, and several others. These various business endeavors have made Lefkofsky not only wealthy but also, has led to him being named one of the most successful businessmen in the world of e-commerce. In fact, collectively, his business endeavors have generated nearly $2 billion in revenue.

Of course, not being one to rest on his Laurel’s, Lefkofsky has made it his mission to achieve similar success in the medical industry. This ambition has led to him becoming the Founder of Tempus, in 2015. If you’re unfamiliar Tempus, it is a technology-based company whose business model is predicated on marrying medicine and modern technology. The company’s long-term goal revolves around building a comprehensive library of clinical and molecular data that will aid physicians in treating patients diagnosed with cancer. Lefkofsky describes the library as a genomic cancer library that will enable physicians to archive copious amounts of data, which can later be used to prescribe treatment regimens for those diagnosed with similar types of cancer. What does this mean, exactly? It’s simple, physicians will be able to prescribe a treatment regimen that is determined based on information related to former patients, with similar types of cancer.

In addition to being a consummate businessman, Lefkofsky is also a humanitarian, which is why he launched the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, in 2006. The foundation has made it their mission to support education initiatives worldwide. To date, the foundation has donated over $1 million to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, located at Northwestern University. In addition, the foundation has donated $500,000 to Stanford University, which was gifted to the university to help fund their gastric cancer research efforts. Of course, this is just to name a few; the Foundation has helped more than 50 organizations worldwide.

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End Citizens United Supporting Democrat Conor Lamb to Upset His Rival Republican Counterpart

     The corruption in politics has been a long-standing problem, and in the United States, it is a problem that has been increasing with every passing year since 2010 when Supreme Court gave the verdict on Citizens United case. The judgment by Supreme Court gave the wealthy individuals as well as business entities to spend an unlimited amount of money on country’s elections. It meant that the money spent by the corporate companies and affluent people in business would make the election campaigns more elaborate, and would influence the vote bank of the politicians supported by these cash-rich entities. The election campaigns have become more of a process that showcases which companies and wealthy individuals are on which side of the political spectrum.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on elections, and the figure continues to increase with every passing election in the country. The interest of the general population of the country is being trampled upon with the favors being done to the huge companies and affluent individuals by the high ranking politicians. The Supreme Court judgment on Citizens United case is highly subjective, and many protests are being done over the years to overturn it. One of the PAC that has participated in the protest to overturn the campaign finance rules is End Citizens United. The ECU collects its funds from the grassroots donors, who are aware of what is going on in the country and wants to be the part of the change.

The End Citizens United wants to support the politicians and political candidates who are in favor of the overturning of campaign finance rules. One of the political candidates that End Citizens United has announced would be supporting the upcoming elections in March 2018 is Democrat Conor Lamb, who is representing the 18th Congressional District and is from Pennsylvania. As an ex-marine with an excellent track record in the public service sector, Conor Lamb is the perfect political candidate to take on the rival Republican Rick Saccone, who is supported by Super PACs wholly funded by the corporate industry.

Conor Lamb has announced that he would not take funding for his election campaign from the corporate companies, and would only accept donations made by the people. Even though the region he is representing has been a Republican stronghold for many years, Conor Lamb has been getting a lot of support from the locales in the area. It is expected that he may as well end up surprising his rival counterpart.

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Paul Mampilly Says 2018 Is A Good Year For Internet Of Things Stocks

How does 2018 look for buying new stocks? Paul Mampilly, the author of “Profits Unlimited” says there may not be as many gems to be found this year as there were last year, but there still are good opportunities out there for them. The stocks Mampilly says are most likely to rise are “Internet of Things” stocks that involve technology powered by internet connectivity. Some IoT stocks are smart appliance manufacturers, self-operating vehicles, artificial intelligence applications and robotics and automation companies. Mampilly says he’s also excited about precision medicine, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He writes more about these stocks in his Banyan Hill newsletters.

Paul Mampilly has been studying the stock market both as a professional advisor and an independent author. He immigrated to the US from India and got his bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University. He worked for several investment banks in credit and commercial banking services, and he became known for offering great insights on the stock market. He was hired to the management team of Kinetics International Fund in 2006 and while there the firm’s clients reported seeing returns top 40℅. Mampilly was also featured in a Barron’s magazine article about the firm for helping grow the company portfolio to $25 billion in assets under management.

Paul Mampilly has bought several stocks of popular companies before they became well-known that include Facebook, Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix. He also entered the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition in 2008 when the recession was bringing a lot of stocks down. But Paul Mampilly found funds that stood to gain interest, and after one year he had turned a $50 million investment into $88 million.

Mampilly decided to leave the corporate Wall Street world in 2016 because he had made enough wealth to retire, and he wanted to provide investment information that could help middle class people. That’s when he came to know Banyan Hill, a subsidiary of Agora Financial that offered free articles and newsletters at a much lower cost than other insider publications. Mampilly began “Profits Unlimited” which picked up over 60,000 subscribers not only because of the information it provided being legitimate but also because it was easy to understand and it allowed followers to buy their own stocks without a broker. Mampilly is also the author of “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum.”

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy Respond to Donald Trump’s Pardoning of Joe Arpaio

The decision by the U.S District Judge, Susan R. Bolton last week in Arizona to validate the pardoning of a former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio caught a few people by surprise.

Arpaio had been convicted for contempt of a court order. He was facing a racial profiling case dating back to 2007 and was waiting for sentence just before the presidential pardon came through. The ruling brings to and ends the over 10-year trial which was characterized by a controversial arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy, previous co-owners of Phoenix New Times. Under the leadership of the duo, the New Times thoroughly unearthed the scandals and every shred of evidence which finally resulted to an end of the sheriff’s career. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

Upon hearing the news about the pardon, Lacy stated that Rex Tillerson was right when he said that Donald Trump was a moron. “This action by Trump to pardon Joe Arpaio proves that indeed he is a moron,” said agitated Lacy. “Arpaio and Donald Trump deserve each other, they are both corrupt racists who commit crimes and walk away scot free” he added.

Lacy exposed sickening evidence of all the atrocities committed by Arpaio while serving as a sheriff. He is accused of torturing and killing inmates as well as diverting $100 million of jail funds. Although Donald Trump stepped in, many people doubted that Arpaio who turned 85 recently would have stayed long behind bars.

Larkin and Lacy fought so hard to see Arpaio behind bars, and at one point they were handcuffed and taken by Arpaio’s “goons” Downtown in October 2007. They were so disappointed to see Arpaio walking out of prison.

About Michael Lacy & Jim Larkin

Michael Lacy is a son of a construction worker who was brought up in Newark, N.J. He later moved to West in 1960 to attend Arizona State University. He dropped out of campus in 1970 after publishing the first issue of the Phoenix New Times together with a few other students in response to the unbiased coverage of campus anti-war protests.

Lacy later became the executive director of the New Times with his business partner Jim Larkin handling the advertising department. The free weekly newspaper grew in bounds covering major social, political and economic issues often shied away from mainstream media. In 1993, the New Times grew even bigger after it bought Westword Denver’s weekly newspaper.

Larkin and Lacy were arrested on October 18, 2007, after they revealed through the Phoenix New Times that the grand jury, subpoenas were targeting the writers and editors of the company. Consequently, the subpoenas were defeated hence bringing the grand jury to a dead end.

It is also worth noting that in late 2013, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy were paid $3.5 million by the Maricopa County for wrongful arrest lawsuit that was brought against it. Later in the year, the two decided to form Lacy & Larkin Frontera Fund using the money they were awarded by the court to assist Latin-America groups in Arizona State.