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Supports Local Women’s Organization

The financial institution known as Nexbank has recently provided its support of a local women’s organization. It recently hosted a luncheon where it gave $100,000 to support the foundation and its objectives. The Dallas Women’s Foundation looks to advance leadership and security for women in both the community and the workplace. This luncheon was held in October at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. During this event, a number of speakers will address a number of issues pertaining to the foundation and its purpose. There will be a number of influential people at the event such as Dr. Hope Jahren who is among the most renowned scientists. Along with the event taking place at the hotel, it will also be live streamed at 20 schools to 10,000 students all over North Texas.

Nexbank is a financial institution based in Texas that specializes in commercial banking. The company serves both individual and business clients. With its assistance, a number of customers can take advantage of services such as home loans, business loans, checking and savings accounts and investing. Nexbank has been able to provide customers with the help they need in order to reach various financial goals such as buying a house, expanding a business and also organizing and managing their finances. Over the last decade, Nexbank has emerged as one of the leading commercial banks in both Texas and the United States. The bank looks to achieve steady growth and expansion which will enable it to enhance its status as one of the leading financial institutions.

When working with Nexbank, one of the types of customers it serves is individuals. There are a number of people who are looking to get things such as a mortgage, car loan and credit cards. Nexbank gives consumers these things at reasonable rates and terms. Therefore, Nexbank has been able to assist a number of consumers that are looking to finance big ticket items at the most affordable rates. The financial institution also serves companies that are looking to manage their capital as well as receive funding to start up or grow. Companies that work with Nexbank can take advantage of a number of business loans and accounts that can allow them to more easily organize their finances.

Drew Madden: Managing IT Healthcare for the Benefit of American Patients

A lot has changed in the U.S. healthcare sector over the last 100 years. The industry has changed from being largely a non-profit to $3 trillion sector, translating to about $9,237 per person. The irony of it is that even with all that money being pumped into the industry, the outcome is not as good as anyone could expect. Even though it is hard to point at a single contributor of this unfortunate statistic, it is good to note that a majority of healthcare entrepreneurs in the US today are not trained as health practitioners. These entrepreneurs lack the basic understanding of the real problems and most often than not, get it wrong in their choice of venture.

Healthcare Tech

The future of healthcare, especially technologically speaking, is brighter than the situation as of now. Aneesh Chopra, the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States, has spearheaded transition of the sector into a tech-driven industry through several high-level initiatives. Some of the most innovative projects initiated so far include Open Data Conference, Startup America, and Open Innovator’s Toolkit. In coming days, innovators, practitioners, and patients will be able to access health data more conveniently. This will open up the industry and give space for the brightest minds to innovate and revolutionize the industry. At the end of it, jobs will be created, talents nurtured, and most importantly, more lives saved.

Advanced Care Planning

There is no doubt that Advance Care Planning is positively changing the face of healthcare across the globe. However, there is need to rethink about it and make a few adjustments for the better. Statistics have shown that about 25 percent to 30 percent of all Medicare expenses in the United States are spent on a patient’s last six months alive. It is important that stakeholders discuss this and make changes because this expenditure is to some extent unnecessary.

Drew Madden

Madden is an IT expert and entrepreneur who plies his trade within the healthcare sector. He joined Nordic Consulting Partners six years ago, and he served as president from 2011 to 2016. A B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering, Drew Madden commands authority in the healthcare technology sector. He currently serves as a managing partner Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

James Larkin; the most prominent activist of all time in History

Some individuals have entirely dedicated their lives to help others. For them, it doesn’t necessarily matter what happens to them as long they become the voices of the oppressed. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

One such individual is James Larkin. Born on 21st January 1984 in Liverpool, England, Larkin was an activist who established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The organization was so vast that it became the most prominent union in the region.

He was born in a humble family, therefore; he had little formal education. Since his family would use an extra hand, he worked odd jobs to chip in the family expenses. Working saw him land a job as a foreman at the docks in Liverpool. While working, he saw how workers were mistreated, and he didn’t like what he saw.

Therefore; he became part of National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) to fight for rights of workers. When his militant strike methods started to be alarming, he was given a transfer to Dublin. There, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. His main agenda was to put both skilled and unskilled laborers to work together as an organization.

Later, he founded Irish labor party. As a leader in this party, he spearheaded a series of strikes. The largest of them all was the one held in 1913, which oversaw more than 100,000 workers go for a strike for about eight months. It was called the lockout revival.

Finally, the strike bore fruit and made the right to fair employment a reality. His fight didn’t end there, later even with World War 1; he continued fighting which subsequently saw him deported Ireland. There, he stayed to incite workers to keep fighting for their rights.

Family wise, James Larkin had four sons with his wife, Elizabeth Brown. James fought effortlessly. Even when he got deported, he still looked for funds to make sure that he fulfilled his agenda. He later passed away in 1947 when he was in Dublin, Ireland. Bo millennials and older people have a lot to learn from this man. As long as you believe in something, do not shy away from it.

How to Use Online Platforms Like Talkspace for Mental Health Therapy

Owning a smartphone is no longer uncommon. With the internet here with us, people can get a wide range of information at the click of a button. For those suffering from mental conditions such as anxiety and depression, this is good news. Various applications have been developed to provide assistance to people suffering from these conditions, but due to fear, are unable to seek medical attention.

A recent study conducted by researchers in South Korea reveals that teenagers are at a high risk of suffering from depression. About 10% of these teenagers are internet users. With such statistics, online therapy services such as Talkspace have erupted. These services are geared towards helping people get professional therapy from the comfort of their homes. With such platforms, you do not have to feel stigmatized.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy platform, which is designed to help people who need therapy for conditions such as depression. All you have to do is sign up for the app, and you will be matched with a professional. The professional is chosen for you based on the information you give. This way, your therapy session can be personalized to suit your unique individual needs.

The Talkspace app is convenient to use. You can communicate with your therapist through text. You can also arrange a Skype chat with them if it is convenient for both of you. The service will cost you a minimum of $32 per week.

The good news is that the professionals offering therapy on Talkspace are all certified, and licensed, social workers and psychotherapists. This guarantees you quality services, and confidentiality. For the team at Talkspace, their service has reached many, especially teenagers, who may prefer more privacy. The app is definitely a good platform to deal with depression, or other mental health issues like anxiety.

Beneath the Provisions of the Tax Code, Lies a Campaign Financing Dark Channel

Hidden deep in the Republican tax bill is a proposal that will see the Johnson Amendment watered down. The proposal seeks to allow charities and more so churches to engage in open electioneering. The proposal will definitely have a huge impact on the American campaign finance system. Since its inception in 1954, the Johnson Amendment has prevented tax-exempt charitable institutions from using their platforms for endorsing candidates in elections. The greatest fear, however, is that the organizations of charity might be turned into avenues to channel campaign funds to specific campaigns. This, as it is, will go against the reasons for the tax exempt status they enjoy.

The proposals in the tax bill will allow wealthy financiers to make donations to charities in exchange for endorsements of specific candidates. What is more is that the billionaire donors can go ahead and claim tax relief from such donations. While the contributions will be outrightly political, they will not look any different from other charitable donations for tax purposes. The church remains a tax-exempt organization, and the billionaire donor gets to channel campaign funds with a definite tax write off.

Most Americans, however, are not excited by the proposal. There is need to keep campaigns from some specific aspects of society. Not very many religious leaders are excited at the proposal either. This was seen as more than four thousand religious leaders signed a letter in support of the Johnson Amendment. The leaders argued the current status provided by the Johnson Amendment is adequate as it provides churches and other charities a reasonable limit to engage in politics. While church institutions can participate in advocacy to promote a moral agenda, they cannot outrightly tell congregations who to vote for in an election. Up to five thousand not for profit organizations too waded into the debate and signed a similar letter saying the Johnson Amendment adequately protected the integrity of charitable institutions.

As things stand, the Johnson amendment stops dark money from seeping into the campaign system and the idea to allow churches to be used for purposes of introducing dark money into the political system is detestable. As the affront to the Johnson Amendment continued, End Citizens United has had to shift its focus to the Republican tax bill. The Political Action Committee that was formed to fight the Supreme Court decision of 2010 that saw an introduction of dark money into politics, now sees the tax code as an extended affront on campaign financing reforms. While previously the threat of dark money in campaigns was from corporations, a new avenue was opening that includes charities. ECU hopes to mobilize as much support for candidates who will carry out the campaign agenda in Congress and the Senate.

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Talkspace Is Dominating The Therapy Industry

It’s truly amazing how mobile devices have advanced so much over the last decade or so. Mobile phones now have almost everything we need on them to have a productive day. News, traffic, weather, social media and, oh yeah, the function of actually being a phone. With all this data and entertainment at the touch of a fingertip its hard to see why anyone would feel depressed. A study in South Korea finds that 10% of teen internet users are at risk of suffering from depression. This explains why services like Talkspace are critical to have.

Talkspace is a platform that allow users to speak to mental-health professionals online. There is no need for clients to drive all the way to the therapists office and fight through traffic to seek help. These e-therapy platforms were designed to cater to the end-users needs. There are options for traditional text therapy and video therapy sessions. Talkspace has half-a-million registered patients and over a thousand professional therapists.

Talkspace has signed a deal with Magellan Health and has been collaborating new innovate approaches to offer it’s clients with more therapy options. Talkspace’s plans start out at about $32 per week, which allows you to speak with a professional therapist once per day via text. For $49 per week you get the same daily allotted time via text in addition to a thirty minute live session each calendar month.

Talkspace wants patients to receive the therapy they seek at an affordable rate that anyone can afford. Mental health care should be about addressing the patients needs and not about maximizing profits. Thousands of satisfied patients have broken through mental barriers and overcome serious issues that have plagued their lives using Talkspace. Don’t over pay for mental-healing again. Come allow the therapists at Talkspace to cater to your needs.

End Citizens United Fights to Uphold the Johnson Amendment

President Donald J. Trump is about to alter the rules of political campaigning, and most people don’t know it yet. The Johnson Amendment, which has largely separated politics from many NGOs, is under threat of being repealed under the Trump Administration.

What is the Johnson Amendment?

The Johnson Amendment was signed into law in 1954 to prevent the mingling of politics and NGOs. The amendment states that NGOs that are exempted from taxation should not campaign for political parties or candidates in any way. Some of the most notable things included in this category are churches and universities, which are naturally expected to be politically neutral.

The Threat

Early this fall, the Trump amendment took steps to repeal some parts of the Johnson amendment by altering the law’s stipulations in the House Financial Services appropriation bill. Although this did not have much of an effect, President Trump went further to sign an executive order relaxing some parts of the law.

If repealed, tax-exempt NGOs such as churches will be permitted to engage in political campaigns including through financial donations. The greatest fear is that this will bring religion into state affairs, which is considered a setback from what the American Constitution (and most other constitutions of developed countries) stands for. Other fears include the fact that unscrupulous politicians will use churches and other organization for their selfish needs, including transferring money or making political donations tax-free.

The repeals planned by Trump’s administration will not include all tax-exempt organizations – in fact, it mostly focuses on churches, hence the concern about mixing religion and state affairs.

Fighting to Uphold the Johnson Amendment

Although most people have not heard about this, many concerned organizations and individuals across the U.S. have engaged in vigorous campaigns to stop the Trump administration.

End Citizens United is one of the many organizations that have come out in defense of the Johnson Amendment. It has taken several approaches to win the long fight ahead. To start with, it has undertaken a campaign to make people aware of the underlying threat. It has done this by issuing press releases and mobilizing its followers to spread the message. The organization is also lobbying senators to try to deter President Trump and his Republican allies directly.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action committee (PAC) that seeks to empower ordinary American citizens politically. It is a grass root organization that relies on the donations and support of individual Americans to further their collective political ambitions.

End Citizens United mostly aligns itself with Democrats as they represent most of its principles: progressiveness, equality, and tolerance, among others. In fact, it has successfully campaigned for the election of several Democratic candidates to the Senate. The organization is so popular that it has been seen as an effective deterrent against big-money politics considering that it collects millions of dollars in donations.Learn more:


Jason Hope’s Contributions In The Health Industry

Jason Hope, an Arizona-situated entrepreneur as well as futurist, is passionate about finding sophisticated solutions concerning anti-aging ailments. Jason Hope dedicates his time and money to initiatives that align with his visions. Most of his donations are concentrated on health facilities and research initiatives whose activities are directed towards anti-aging research. Mr. Hope’s involvement with research institutions notably the SENS Foundation commenced in 2010. During that year, Jason Hope gave away approximately $500,000 million to the company to facilitate and boost its operations. The sum donated was essential to SENS Foundation as it significantly impacted the business. The foundation used the grant to set up its SENS laboratory based in Cambridge. Additionally, SENS Foundation used the funds to implement and launch other new study initiatives. Since his enrolment in SENS Foundation, Jason Hope has continuously supported the group and has currently contributed approximately $1 million.

Besides providing financial support to the foundation, Jason Hope plays significant roles in the initiative’s outreach activities. He is mostly fascinated by the company’s outstanding strategy that incorporates the use of biotechnologies rejuvenation. In Hope’s opinion, this anti-aging approach is practical as it is directed more towards prevention than cure. The operations of SENS Foundation are not only appreciated by Jason Hope but also by other eminent individuals including Peter Thiel. In 2016, Mr. Thiel contributed approximately $3.5 million to aid in the funding of the company’s pilot research projects.

Throughout his lifetime, Jason Hope has climbed his way up to the globe’s most famous skilled futurist. His interests directed towards comprehending technology have directed his love for the internet of things trend. Jason believes that the internet of things will positively impact the world in the future due to the modification of modern equipment. Jason postulates that IoT is very influential and is likely to upgrade corporation through attaining substantial investment returns. Hope provides a transformation instance in the transport industry. According to Jason Hope, the transport segment now enjoys prerequisite safety and satisfaction courtesy of technology.

Jason Hope’s achievements are attributed to his background and previous exposure. He attended the University of Arizona State where he acquired his finance degree. Later, Jason Hope furthered his studies at the W.P Carey Business Institution and earned his MBA. After the completion of his studies, Jason Hope entered into the business segment and established his mobile communications organization. His success has been extended to his community that he impacts through mentorship programs.

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