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Clay Siegall: In Pursuit of Greatness

When it comes to doing great things for mankind, the list of individuals is mighty short. Unfortunately, this is how people tend to operate and this is how life truly is. Some of the biggest philanthropists in the world never receive the credit that’s due, but this article is about a true American icon. Dr. Clay Siegall, CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics, is back in the news. Siegall is looking to expand his business by controlling the business’ rights. This comes in the form of international marketing, which can be a tricky subject. Instead of just focusing on the development of antibody-based therapies, Siegall wants to market the company’s up and coming medications on an international level. There is no more selling-out to larger companies in which he has done in the past. As of today, Siegall is playing for keeps. He has thoroughly studied international marketing, and he has opened an office in the country of Switzerland to do so.

This new business move can help Seattle Genetics grow much more dramatically. By owning the rights of the drugs and by being able to put them on the global market, Seattle Genetics could retain most of its own generated revenue. Earlier this year, Siegall withdrew his offer of $2 billion to commercialize a new cancer fighting drug by New Jersey-Based Immunomedics. The company board was struggling over control and this is another reason to why Siegall is looking to expand his company’s self-interests.

Even if Seattle Genetics doesn’t take its show internationally, it will remain a huge success. For 2016, the company had an estimated $418 million in sales, which resulted in the company’s stock tripling over a five-year span. The numbers are simply astounding when you look at them on paper. Seattle Genetics has many more advanced drugs in its pipeline and by controlling its very own international marketing, it would grow even more dramatically while distributing the newer drugs to untapped markets. If anyone can get the job done, it would surely be Clay Siegall. He has been in cancer research for two decades, and he has worked with many prominent names like Bristol Myers Squibb and the National Institute of Health.

End Citizens United Take On President Trump Over Johnson’s Amendement

The political legacy of President Lyndon B. Johnson is often questioned by political experts but few doubt the importance of his contribution as a Senator who made a major impression on the way election campaigns are funded. President Johnson’s Amendment of 1954 has largely remained untouched over the latter half of the 20th-century but has been brought back into the public eye with a series of attacks on the Amendment by Republicans in Congress and The White House. End Citizens United has become increasingly alarmed by the threats to the democratic process being affected by conservative lawmakers at all levels and has taken the step of coming out and declaring its unease with the way the campaign funding rules are being subverted in a stealth-like fashion. Read more on Facebook about End Citizen United.

End Citizens United was founded out of a large amount of support for the protection of the democratic process in the U.S. and a high-level of concern about the way the elections of the country were going. One of the most impressive aspects of the End Citizens United campaign is the way the group has formed itself as a PAC which means the group is not going to accept the millions of dollars on offer from billionaire donors and major corporations who were allowed an almost unlimited range of rights by the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Across the U.S. the number of concerned citizens searching for ways of combating the growing unease at the millions of dollars being spent to influence elections has been growing and led many to provide their support for End Citizens United in its fight to reverse the decision of 2010. End Citizens United has been a vocal supporter of many different liberal-leaning politicians looking for election in the 2016 and 2018 election including Elizabeth Warren because of her support for the cause of overturning the Citizens United decision.

The tactics being used by Republicans to bypass the Johnson Amendment have been highlighted by End Citizens United as attempting to sidestep the rules in place without voting outright on the measure. Among the attempts of recent months to make the Johnson Amendment redundant is the inclusion of the measure in the tax reform bill brought to the floor of Congress in recent weeks. A second attempt is to be fought by End Citizens United was put in place when President Trump signed an executive order calling on the IRS not to attempt to enforce JOhnson’s Amendment. The law states all charitable organizations have no right to fund political campaigns or face being stripped of their tax-exempt status. Check more:


Securus Technologies Committed to Prison Safety

When I began working as a guard in the state prison decades ago, my job responsibilities were much different than they are today. Back all those years ago, the prison had far less inmates and gang issues were not rampant in this facility yet. Today, in addition to a huge gang population, we see that the number of inmates in this facility has reached capacity. That means that my team of officers has to work three times as hard to maintain order, so we needed to being in some outside resources for help.


In addition to using scanners in places like our visitor center to remove contraband that could lead to violence, we have begun working with Securus Technologies to help reduce episodes of violence too. The company has been working to develop a monitoring system that scans calls made by prisoners on the jail phones. Rather than have a team of officers listening to those calls to isolate problems, now the LBS software can do a better job without officers being stuck in that room. The software scans every second of every call and then will send out any alerts if the inmates say anything that could lead to problems.


Securus Technologies has been leading the charge to clean up prison violence, and today we have a safer prison than we’ve had in several years. If inmates think they can talk to their families on the phone about sneaking in medications at the guest center, we take out the contraband before it gets to the inmates now. If inmates are planning fights with rival gangs, we get the tip off and we separate them accordingly. The software has given officers the opportunity to be in the position to get the tip, take proactive action, and reduce incidents that put anyone in harm’s way in this jail.


Greg Secker: Top 5 Foreign Exchange Indicators

For one to effectively navigate through the complex foreign exchange trading markets, one needs to learn how to manage risks associated with the markets. Greg Secker, an accomplished forex trader, also believes that one should have the knowledge of forex indicators.

Forex Indicators

Before indulging in a foreign exchange trade, one should be aware of the fundamentals indicators for profitability. These indicators include the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), economic calendars, the Simple Moving Average (SMA), Bollinger Bands, and the Stochastic Oscillator.


  1. The Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

EMAs are designed to analyze sudden price changes in foreign exchange trading. They are focused on short-term objectives. Traders use them to take advantage of impromptu market fluctuations.


  1. Economic Calendars

Economic calendars simply provide insights on financial events like mergers, acquisitions and policy changes. Companies usually announce these events ahead of time. Traders on the other hand make guesses on how these anticipated events will affect the market.


  1. The Simple Moving Average (SMA)

SMA is the average value of stock or currency over a specific period. There are long SMAs, 10 to 20 days, and long SMAs, 50 to 100 days. These SMAs help traders in determining the likely value of the currency in the future.


  1. Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are essential in measuring volatility. In the financial world, volatility is derived from the standard deviations of logarithms and means. When used in forex trading, it is used to measure the highs and lows of currencies.


  1. The Stochastic Oscillator

This type of forex indicator was developed by a renowned technical analyst and securities trader known as Dr. George Lane. It is used to measure the momentum of currencies. This means that it can determine the future behavior of currencies when interpreted properly.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an accomplished foreign exchange trader who got most of his trading experience from Thomas Cook Financial Services. During his tenure at the firm, he bagged a British Telecom Award for developing an online forex trading platform (Virtual Trading Desk).

Secker is credited for developing Learn To Trade, which educates people on the fundamental foreign exchange trading indicators. Secker earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural and food sciences from a reputable higher learning institution known as the University of Nottingham.

Dr. Mark McKenna Knows What He is Doing

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man who has a clear understanding of the job in front of him, and he works hard to do well as he cares for patients and works for the company that he founded. This man shared in an interview that he is someone who is not only focused on McKenna’s work but also focused on his family. When he was asked about how he typically goes about his day, he shared that he starts by helping his daughter get ready for the day. He spends time with his young daughter before he starts doing anything else.

Mark McKenna was interviewed about how he brings ideas to life. He shared that he likes to spend time thinking. He spends quiet time meditating and working on ideas. He visualizes what he would like to have come about. Mark McKenna was asked about a habit of his that has helped him in knowing what he is doing and becoming the man he is today. He shared that he is someone who does a lot of reading. When he was asked about the worst job that he has had, this man shared that he has always been someone who is working for himself, and that kept him from ever feeling like he actually had a job.

When someone practices medicine, they need to be licensed to do that. Mark McKenna is licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Georgia. He has received the go-ahead to help patients in both of those states.

Mark McKenna worked for his father when he first began to practice medicine. McKenna cared for patients in a way that helped them know that he wanted what was best for them. He is someone who knows what he is doing, and he is someone who cares about the world around him.

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The Stunning Progress of Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a non-profit organization that was launched to help low-income students gain the best education. The group is made up of elementary charter schools that not only educate students but also transform the society. Rocketship was opened a decade ago in a church based in California. The organization is the first to incorporate technology into learning. Personalized learning is another strategy that builds a strong bond between the teachers and the children. The teachers at Rocketship make an effort to learn and understand every kid’s particular needs.

Recently, Rocketship realized that personalized learning should begin at home and they try achieving it by getting closer to the parents as well. Engaging parents also help the students appreciate their education more. Rocketship involves the parents in different school activities including hiring teachers. A small group of parents is given the opportunity to interview teachers, and this assures the parents that only the best are teaching their children. The primary purpose of starting the school was to help the students at elementary level. With time the group came to learn that the hardest moment for any student is their middle school education. The transitioning is quite challenging, and currently, Rocketship developed plans to help out with the change.

At Rocketship, they believe in the community as a whole. The team offers an excellent education to the Rocketeers, but on top of that, they instill moral values in the kids’ lives. Virtues such as honesty, justice, kindness, empathy, humility and more are practiced at Rocketship to show the kids how to live with morals. The organization also offers support and education to children with special needs. During school activities, both groups of kids are put together to allow interaction. Such kind of communications creates empathy and helps the regular students learn how to live with people having special cases in the society.

Innovation is another significant ingredient in the success of Rocketship Education. The group values new learning and teaching methods. The teachers at Rocketship come from diverse backgrounds. The diversity helps the students relate well to people from different cultures and communities. Rocketship is assisting many students to achieve their dreams, and the group has unique methods of teaching that set them apart. Rocketship provides exceptional services.

Freedom Debt Relief helps victims of financial and natural disasters

Being in debt affects the personal, social and professional life of an individual , however often people find that they are in debt due to factors beyond their control, and unable to repay the debt. Using the services of a debt settlement company like Freedom Debt Relief have helped many individuals, and could help you with your debt problems. With more than a decade of experience in debt relief Freedom Debt Relief works closely with the person in debt, giving financial advice, and negotiating with the creditors, and providing customized solutions. More than four hundred thousand customers have availed of their services.

The professional and support staff at ,Freedom Debt Relief will do a detailed review of the financial status of the debtor and will provide advice on the various options available to get rid of the debt like refinancing using cash, hidden costs related to debt which could be eliminated or minimized. As the interest rates for secured loans is lower compared to credit cards, the person have some assets like a home, will be able to take a secured loan at a lower interest rate to pay off the debt and become debt free. Freedom Debt Relief will also advise the debtor on the pros and cons of the other options for getting rid of debt, like bankruptcy and do it yourself .

The testimonials of their satisfied customers are an indication of the high quality professional services and effectiveness of Freedom Debt Relief .The debt settlement company is also reputed for its help to local communities support the local girls and boys youth club. They also help poor children who are critically ill, and do not have sufficient funds for medical treatment. The parent company of Freedom Debt Relief, Freedom Financial Network, established the Freedom Financial Charitable Foundation, which offers grants to nonprofit organizations locally, providing critical help. The foundation also recently donated more than $100,000 to various organization for helping Hurricane Harvey recovery.

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