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Autism Rocks Foundation: Sanjay Shah’s Brainchild


If you have not heard about Solo Capital or its founder, Sanjay Shah, you have not been keeping up with financial news and blogs. One of the most respected financial institutions in this day and age is Solo Capital Markets. It is a reputed company which is known for the services which they offer clients from all over the world. With its headquarters in the United Kingdom, the company also has branches in other areas, including Malta, Dubai and Luxembourg.
The story behind Solo Capital is very interesting. It starts with the story of Sanjay Shah. He started out as a student studying medicine to become a physician. Along the way, Sanjay’s passion changed to business. He decided to study accounting and even worked as an accountant for several banks. During the 2009 global financial crisis, Sanjay was one of the people who were rendered redundant and he lost his job.
In order to survive and fend for himself, he decided to start a brokerage company called Solo Capital. This was the only way in which he could stay in the industry and not go hungry. In 2011, he officially launched the company and has proceeded to achieve even greater strides in the years that followed.
Sanjay Shah has always had a passion for business and finance, but he has also gained his inspiration from his family. When his child was born, for instance, he had autism. Sanjay could afford to help his son get the help of therapists. However, he started thinking of those children who could not get the help they needed because of financial constraints. That is how he started the Autism Rocks Foundation to help such children.
Autism Rocks is run so as to help get funds that go into the study and research of autism. They organise events where by many celebrated music artists and DJs attend concerts and the money contributed is directed to the research and awareness.


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Medicare Advantage Plan and physicians service practice

Medicare Advantage plans
Medicare Advantage plan is medical insurance plan which advanced from the original American Medicare , which is in two parts. Part A, where Medicare, provides for payments for inpatient hospital bills other than the physicians and surgeon bills and Part B, for both surgeon and physician bills in addition to the outpatient hospital charges and some medical equipment and supplies with long life span according to Rick Shinto. However, in the case of Medicare Advantage Plan scheme, individuals enter into an agreement with government through either the Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) or Health maintenance organization (HMOs) and get predetermined sums payment per capita to cater for their Medicare benefits which are wider than the original plan. The benefits include all part A and part B benefits and an additional part D plan commonly referred to as Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan (MAPD) that provides for drug prescription. Further advantage still, the Medicare Advantage plan has is, the individual claims payment get processed by commercial insurance firms who after processing the application, get subsidies from the government.

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In spite of the fact that under Medicare Advantage Plan the coverage is widened, the plan has not to pay for excess $6,700, which is the limit for out-of-pocket cost per year for part A and part B benefits. However, once the out-of-pocket limit is reached by the individual, the plan provides for 100% of hospital services for the remaining period in of the year according to Penelope Kokkinides. These commercial insurance firms providing for Medicare Advantage plan are in three types; Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS), and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). The advantage of using the three Medicare types is that they provide for more hospital services which include Part A, part B and Part D, which provides for prescription drug benefits. It is because of these advantages that the Medicare Advantage Plan in InnovaCare Health has had an increase in the enrollment. In the recent 2005, the enrollment stood at 5.4 million but in 2014 the enrollment grew to 15.7 million (CMS, 2014)

Physicians’ services practice
In InnovaCare Health, the physician’s services practice requires that persons who have Medicare Advantage plan enrolled with Health Maintenance Organization should not be allowed to use some specialist physicians or even get medical services out –of- network providers without permission from the Health maintenance organization unless it is emergency. This restriction makes the patients who need a special attention to face payment challenges. To cater for such cases, however, The Medicare Advantage Plan has put in place The Preferred Provider Organization, which allows enrollees to access any physician or health facilities even without having permission from the organization.

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^ CMS (April 7, 2014). “Announcement of Calendar Year (CY) Twenty Fifteen Medicare Advantage Capitation Rates and Medicare Advantage and Part D Payment Policies and Final Call Letter” (PDF). Retrieved 11 March 2015.
• ^ Medicare: Medicare Advantage – Kaiser Family Foundation

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John Goullet Steers DIVERSANT to Success

DIVERSANT LLC. Is the nation’s largest African-American owned IT staffing and solutions firm. The company has had massive growth even during the economic downturn. It has developed a reputation for quality and excellence. The company supports a wide range of industries, helping them with their IT staffing and diversity objectives. They connect companies with qualified IT professionals that possess the skills, integrity and industry experience to serve them well. They serve companies in the banking and financial services industry, energy sectors, government information technology, the insurance industry, healthcare, telecommunications, the retail sector, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

DIVERSANT strives to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction for their customers, employment candidates and partners. They believe in the value of diversity. Client satisfaction is their primary focus. They are dedicated to conducting their business with the utmost integrity following their core values of ethical business practices. .

John Goullet currently serves as chairman and principal at Diversant LLC. John was CEO at information technologies from 1994 to 2010. He is passionate about finding solutions in the IT marketplace that supports businesses in their efforts to function more effectively. He is well-known for his numerous ventures within the IT sector. John first served as a computer consultant then as an IT staffing executive before deciding to start his own company in 1994. He is focused on the IT staffing needs of his clients as well as making the right connection with the appropriate candidates to fill the staffing needs.

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Highland Capital: A local focus on Charities has been reinforced with Strategic Hire

Highland Capital recently decided to grow its already established philanthropic program. As a result they have enlisted a well know Dallas figure to help manage the program. Linda Owen is well known for her work at The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and well as her involvement with the Crystal Charity Ball. She has been involved in the Dallas her entire life and will be a solid addition to an already strong program established by Highland Capital.

Highland Capital contributes over $3 million on an annual basis to charitable causes and that money is managed through The Dallas Foundation. Linda Owen will be working side by side with the foundation to help form and strengthen the firm’s philanthropic program. The Dallas Fund is a well know organization that has been around since 1929, focusing on improving the lives of the residents in the Dallas area through various grant . Both Owen and the Dallas Foundation have a long history in strategic planning for charitable giving.

In past years, Highland Capital has been known to contribute to many local Dallas Charities including: Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Center for Brain Health, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, Snowball Express and the American Heart Association.

Highland Capital philanthropic program is not limited to its financial donations. The firms’ culture encourages its employees to also be engaged with the local causes and assist them with overcoming any challenges they face.

Much of Highland Capitals Philanthropic culture is created and driven by the Firm’s Founder and President James Dondero. James founded Highland Capital in 1993 and had always incorporated sense of giving in the firms culture. James is actively involved in many local charities especially causes involving veterans, education and public policy. Dondero often lends his expertise to local charities in an advisory position. Dondero focus on local charities is his belief that it is important to improve the lives of the people around you.


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Keith Mann’s Scholarship with Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann, the founder and chief executive officer of Dynamics Search Partners, has recently announced the Keith and Kelly Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement that will be provided to a high school graduate each year that attends one of Uncommon Schools high schools in Brooklyn, Ny., award which will help hard working students of low-income to attend and graduate from college.

Uncommon Schools is an institution that manages over 40 urban charter public schools across the United States. The mission of Uncommon Schools is to close the achievement gap and to be able to prepare its pupils for four year universities so they can succeed professionally. Uncommon Schools also provides to its students with an unconventional and elite education, which even out competes private schools.

Each year one graduating senior of Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn will be nominated for the award, and students are required to write an essay of approximately 1,000 words. In the essay, they have to explain how obtaining a degree will helped them personally and professionally. Keith Mann, someone who dedicates his time in pairing executives with leading industry talent, is an advocate of education and wants to help Uncommon Schools’ students, the future leaders in the world of business. The scholarship is worth $5,000.

He has over a decade of experience in the executive recruitment industry and has sourced talented professionals across the world in the United States, Asia, and Europe. The mission of Dynamics Search Partners is to pair employers with talented professionals and to establish genuine and strong relationships with both clients and candidates. Currently, Dynamics Search Partners has served thousands of mandates, and it is also one of the leading firms in alternative investments and hedge funds in the world.

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Eric Pulier Is Ahead of His Time

Many people have started successful companies in the tech industry. However, nobody has been able to do this as consistently as a man named Eric Pulier. He has carved out a sensational career that has seen him launch one successful tech company after another. His methods have been studied by other top entrepreneurs in the hopes of replicating his success. However, nobody to this point has shown the ability to create tech startups quite like Eric Pulier.

Eric did not have any aspirations of making a name for himself in the technology field when he was a young kid growing up in New Jersey. He was consistently one of the greatest students in his school as he was growing up. This academic excellence allowed him to have his pick of colleges to attend. He was offered entry into Harvard. He accepted Harvard’s offer and eventually completed a degree in English literature. It was originally Eric’s goal to become an English literature professor. However, his career path changed dramatically upon his graduation. It was at that point that he realized all of the opportunities that were waiting for him in the tech industry. He decided that creating a tech startup was what he wanted to do.

It was not long before Eric realized that he had made the right decision. He had a knack for assembling talented teams and figuring out a way to raise capital for his various tech ventures. His success made investors come to him. They wanted to get in on the ground floor of any project that Eric was working on because they realized the tremendous amount of money that could be made.

Eric’s reputation started to spread like wildfire throughout the entire tech world. This opened up another lucrative opportunity for him. He began to get offers to speak at various conferences. He started to command high fees for these speaking engagements where he would answer questions about his career and offer advice to entrepreneurs to help them get their own startups off the ground. Eric has continued to be a top draw for all of the speeches that he gives.

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